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Cancelled Pro Membership

A few weeks ago, I decided to go Pro at KenoClix. My aim was to try it for a month to see if it was worth to continue. I have made my decision already, even though I have almost two weeks left of my first month. The reason is this:

– The traffic I have been getting are not that good. I have received many visitors to my sites, but it doesn´t seem like quality traffic. They have not been clicking, or signing up. It seems like the visitors I have been getting are more or less just waiting to get to the next site and to have their credits. Well, most people using traffic exchanges probably are.

– The real reason for me not continuing my Pro membership was due to lack of support. Well, I wanted to add a new site and a couple of banners to the rotator. I added them almost two weeks ago, and they are still pending. Nobody have looked at them and nobody have given me any respons to why they haven´t been included or when they are going to be included.

Combined, I think enough is enough. This was the first time I went Pro with a traffic exchange, and I think I will probably wait a few more weeks before I try this again. It didn´t cost me more than $15, it´s no big deal. But I am a little curious why my site and banners are still pending after almost two weeks. Shouldn´t be that much work to accept them.

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