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Can YouTube Help Us?

At first I was a little sceptical towards YouTube, and I got even more sceptical when Google bought it. In my mind there where thousands of kids playing around with videos, and a huge company making a profit from it. Now, I have changed my mind (at least a bit). YouTube can be used to educate and to inform and probably a lot of other things as well (not to forget to entertain).

Earlier today I read a story about YouTube helping Police in Canada to find a murder suspect. I have also heard and read stories about YouTube not being all that it was suppose to be (not that I am sure what it was suppose to be). I am not going to attack YouTube here, because YouTube is actually what we want it to be, it´s like the Internet. We turn it into whatever we want – if we want to inform, we use it to inform, if we want to entertain, then we will use it to entertain.

But do you know what? I think that you can actually earn a lot of money from YouTube without hardly any effort from your part. I have not tried it myself, but I have seen it in action and I believe in it.

The problem with YouTube, maybe not today but soon, is that it’s getting big fast. There are thousands of videos and increasing every minute. How do you find your favorites? Well, you can search tags and you will probably find many interesting ones, but you will hardly have time to find “everything”. So, how can you benefit from this jungle of videos?

Well, an example. is a great service, they offer the most popular videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Break and myspace. They have no content of their own, they are not providing anything really other than a great way for us to check out the most popular videos without visiting all four sites.

My thoughts are that you can start your own site with a niche inside YouTube. For instance, let say you start a site that only shows videos related to basketball from YouTube (or all the four sites mentioned above). You would for sure get a lot of basketball fans to your site – probably on a daily basis, looking for some new cool stuff without having to find it on YouTube.

I am not sure how you can do it, but the videos are all hosted at YouTube and you can embed them at your site. It shouldn’t be that hard to get it done. So how do you earn any money from this? Well, where there is traffic there is money. You can get adsense ads or text link ads or whatever. There are so many options on how to get ads that pays on your site.

There are probably many sites like I described above already, but I haven’t seen any yet. It would actually be fun to create one.

You can probably get a programmer at Rent A Coder or at any of the other oursourcing sites.

Not sure if it would work – just a thought…

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