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Can You Learn Anything From Fake Steve Jobs?

Yesterday (at least I think it was yesterday) it was revealed who the person behind a fake Steve Jobs blog were, and it was no surprise that it wasn’t actually Steve Jobs. Well, I am not sure why somebody would even think that it might have been Steve Jobs, when the blogs name was (and still is)

Anyway, I have read several posts from well-known newspapers and blogs that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates along with many other “top executives” and journalists had been reading this blog for a while. I guess, fake Steve Jobs had succeeded in doing what he wanted to do, and that was probably getting attention and having some fun along the way.

According to the blog of the real fake Steve Jobs, Dan Lyons, he is a senior editor at Forbes magazine, covering enterprise computing and consumer electronics. No wonder why he knew so much about Steve Jobs and Apple… but I actually read somewhere that he had to buy a lot of books to get his information.

How did this blog become so famous?

I am not really sure, but to me it looks that almost everybody knew that it was fake, they knew that it was somebody with a lot of knowledge about technology and “inside informatioN” and they were all trying to hunt him or her down and reveal the identity behind fake Steve Jobs, and the stories he or she wrote were entertaining… some people might have believed them or wasn’t sure if they should believe them or not, well I guess nobody except Fake Steve Jobs was really sure about that.

The hunt is over for this time and Dan Lyons of Forbes is Fake Steve Jobs, and now we can just sit back and wait for the “How I faked Steve Jobs” book and movie.

The question I am really asking myself from this story is, “Can I learn anything from fake Steve Jobs?” or rather should I learn anything from this story?

First of all, I would probably never have done something like that. The reason for that is that I am not sure if it’s legal or not. If you fake another person, a celebrity like Steve Jobs, you never know what will happen.

Second, why are you doing it and what are you trying to accomplish? If fame is everything, then this might be something to consider, and if you are looking for a good time, then this might be something to consider. But if you are looking to promote either yourself or a product / company, then this might not be such a good idea.

The man behind Fake Steve Jobs might have no trouble with his future, because it seems that “everybody” had a good time reading it and that the hunt was a lot of fun, and that nobody was hurt and so fourth. But can Dan Lyons be trusted, what about his friends and his colleagues, will they trust him again? (well, Dan Lyons is rather famous by now… I guess he won’t have any problems)

Third, being a fake someone on the Internet is not a good thing. Everybody can play a fake somebody, and we can witness fake celebrities everywhere on the Internet… I really hope that this will be a thing of the past.

Fourth, it’s all about branding and promoting yourself. You can do it the traditional way, like using a blog and writing about what you find interesting behind your own name and with a picture of yourself smiling in the sidebar. Or you can promote yourself as somebody else. When you take up the identity of a celebrity you get a lot more exposure than the normal blogger… because everybody wants to hear the opinions of a celebrity.

What we all end up learning is that we should do stuff like this in order to become famous. It looks like the people behind stunts like this always end up in the news and they always end up in the spotlight, is that kind of scary?

It was a funny story and I enjoyed it… thank you fake Steve, I wonder what will happen to his blog now?

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