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Buying and selling links with TNX

I signed up with a new interesting company a few days ago. This is a company dedicated to links, that is, helping you to buy links on other websites as a way for you to promote your website or your business, and helping you to sell links on your website in order for you to earn money. It might sound like just another ad broker, because they are not alone. But I think that there is something different about TNX.

I am not really sure what it is, but my first thoughts after I signed up, was that this whole process of buying and selling links looked so incredibly easy. I have tested several other companies in the same industry earlier, and I had to spend some time to actually understand how it worked. Well, that might be why I think TNX looks so easy, but they provide a very specific and detailed guide. You only need to complete four steps in order to sell links on your website, and you only need to complete three steps in order to buy links.

But first, as soon as I joined TNX, I stopped and thought about an important question… and that was:

What’s important to me when it comes to using an ad broker?

I have three answers to that question. First, it needs to be very easy to sign up. If it’s complicated and I have to read a lot of various texts in order to understand how it works, well, then I will just cancel before I even get started. Second, there need to be a lot of members and a lot of options to chose from. This way, there will be rather easy to sell links and it will be rather easy to buy links from different websites. Third, I don’t want any problem with the major search engines (especially with Google). I have read somewhere that if you sell links on your website, Google might punish you… I am not sure if that’s right or not, but I wouldn’t want that to happen.

I have been looking at TNX and they seem to be doing rather well regarding my question. It’s very easy to sign up and to both sell and buy links, as I stated above. They have many members already, 39 001 as I am writing this. When it comes to Google and the other major search engines, the links from TNX are no different from regular links (so I guess you can’t get punished for that?).

Another thing that I was very curious about before joining, was if it was possible to use TNX combined with other similar services (ad brokers), and I got my question answered at the help pages:

Yes, you can combine TNX ads with any other advertising sponsor. Your visitors will see TNX ads as direct links (usually subject oriented) to other sites. Even if some context advertising system does not allow combining ads with similar systems, you would still be able to add our code to your pages, because TNX is not context oriented and nobody can stop you from placing a direct link to another site. The HTML code of our ads is not different from a regular link.

I just realized that there are at least one more thing that I find interesting with TNX and it might be a little different from other text link brokers. It’s the fact that you can sell links on as many or as few pages as you like. And it sounds like that you can earn more money with TNX, since they only charge 12.5% commissions on each transaction, that’s rather low compared to other similar companies. But if you do the job yourself, you don’t have to pay any commission, but then again, you might have problems finding customers.

Instead of real money, TNX are using points. Everytime you sell text links, you will get paid in points. You can sell the points in order to receive real cash, you can convert the points into backlinks (advertisements for your website) or you can give them to another member.

I have a warning for you, but this got nothing to do with TNX really. Even though you might not be at risk with the search engines when it comes to selling text links on your website, you should really be careful if you are going to buy a lot of backlinks to your website. Because if you decide to buy a lot of them, thousands, Google will notice and it’s a little weird that you got yourself thousands of backlinks in a few hours, days, or even weeks… I am not sure how Google will react though.

The affiliate program at TNX is something you really should check out. They give you 13.3% commissions on each customer that you provide, that’s from all the TNX-points that are generated by their websites. In addition, you will receive 5% of all payments, made by referred advertiser. Sounds like a good deal to me.

This was a paid review for TNX. I have been under no pressure at all, everything written in this post has been my own words and I like to think that everything I have written is true and will still be true when you read it.

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