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If people can buy from anyone, why should they buy from you?

Ask yourself this question: If people can buy from anyone, why should they buy from you?

Be honest. Why?

You need to be better.

You need to be different.

You need to be both.


Don’t be better and different just by offering better quality of your services. Don’t be better by lowering the price.

Instead, make it your goal to deliver exceptional customer service. And, understand that exceptional customer service costs no more to deliver than poor customer service.

Instead, answer this question before you talk to your next customer: How do you surprise your customers?

It’s not that hard to deliver expectional customer service, you should:

But, still, I want a surprise as a customer. Make them remember you.

If I’m at a restaurant, I want bread and/or peanuts to compliment what I drink. It’s a surprise if I didn’t order it.

If I’m going to the movie theatre, I want suggestions for new movies they recommend I watch (based on my previous visits), and I want my favorite snacks.

No matter where I am, I want people to remember something about me, and that they’ll show me that they care, and remember that something and tell me about it. Maybe they’ll start talking about pizza, or give me advice about the vegetarian festival?

People can buy from anyone, so why should they buy from you?

17 responses to “If people can buy from anyone, why should they buy from you?”

  1. Friend says:

    Good advice, mate. The amount of businesses that put price and product as differentiator never ceases to amaze me.

    Yes, product will interest people, and price may sway their purchase decision. But it’s the service and experience that will determine real success and longevity.

    I’ve always been of the mantra treat people like you’d like to be treated yourself. That doesn’t have to be limited to personal lives.

    • Hi Danny,

      Yes, we should treat people like we want to be treated, in business and personal. And, it’s easy to visualize how you should do it. If we’re in a restaurant, we should just think about how would we want it to be if we’re there with a friend, co-worker or wife. How would we want the food to be presented, how would we want the conversation. And, what really amazes me is, and I’m not sure if this is mostly happening in Norway or other places as well, but not many restaurants give complimentary snacks (a surprise) before the food.

      • Friend says:

        Yeah, it’d seem such a small cost to take a hit on, as well. Some of the restaurants where we live bring you free garlic loaf (unlimited) when you go for lunch or dinner. And they’re always busy – go figure. 🙂

  2. While it is a simple truth that customer service not only woos the right customers but also retains them, it seems to be the most difficult concept to apply. Why? Are people just lazy and do not care? I believe such indifference is caused mainly by a huge lack of loyalty in all spheres of business. If people only realised the extent of their missed opportunities.

    • I don’t think that people are lazy or just don’t care, though it seems that way. Many times they are just focused on the wrong things, and they might be stressed and have limited time to focus on the customers. I was at a restaurant a few weeks ago, and I could see after a few minutes that they didn’t have enough people at work. It was almost impossible for the people at work to do a good job with all the customers.

  3. Carol Amato says:

    Hi, Jens,

    What excellent advice. “Make them remember you.” Be unforgettable. I try to be, and it’s easier when I live by my mantra “treat others the way I want to be treated” on a regular basis.

    With regards to product – my MasterMind Coaching is unique in that I offer something I don’t see other coaches offering. One on one personal time and daily access to the coach. Too many coaching programs are full of ‘stuff’ – lacking the guidance of the coach in real time.

    Great food for thought here, Jens – Thanks for sharing.

    Talk soon,

  4. Hi Jens,

    Excellent topic. I am amazed how some businesses can even stand as I see their terrible customer service.

    The blog theme that I used to have on my blog until this pas November, I had to give it up due to the total lack of customer service I was getting. The worse part is that even though I sent an open letter to this guy, that anyone could see, he never showed that he even cared. I don’t know how a business like that can even still going on.

    As a coach I offer unlimited contact to my clients once they are my clients. There is no limit to the questions they can ask me over time. I’ll still email them back with information.

    On the other hand there’s also the weird potential clients that ask for help and once you did, you never hear from them again. That happens too.

    Great info,

    • Hi Sylviane,

      I agree with you. If I experience terrible customer service I most likely won’t buy from them again.

      I have had this experience online many times. I have contacted customer service with an urgent request, and it takes more than a week to get back to me and sometimes I’ve never heard from them.

      It seems that you’re doing an awesome job for your clients.

      Thank you so much for your feedback Sylviane.

  5. Angela says:

    Exceptional customer care now thats the key to selling.

  6. I love the “Surprise them ” part! Hmmm…. you got me thinking Jens – thanks! 😉

  7. Majia Miller says:

    The client will be happy and satisfied if he will buy again from you. I will come back again and again.

  8. Arshad says:

    Indeed Jens, Customer service plays vital role in success of any business, well I will explain this one with a little bit of touch of that crazy researcher in, so bear with me… ;p

    (According to a research) Preventing current customers from switching to other service providers has proved to be remarkably difficult (1), so if you really want them to stick around then you got to put some real effort.

    And, 91% of Americans consider the level of customer service important when deciding to do business with a company (2) and Seven in ten Americans (70%) are willing to spend an average of 13% more with companies that they believe provide excellent customer service (3).

    Lastly Consumers are far more likely to give a company repeat business after a good service experience (81%) than they are to never do business with a company again after a poor experience (52%) (2).

    That’s my few cents, hope these facts re-emphasize the importance of customer service to your readers.

    Lastly I invite you Jens to share your thoughts on my blog that too is related to marketing! see you soon there!

    1. N’Goala, G. (2007), “Customer switching resistance (CSR): the effects of perceived equity, trust and relationship commitment”, International Journal of Service Industry Management, Vol. 18 No. 5, pp. 510-533.

    • Hey Arshad,

      That’s awesome. I’ve been looking for some research and numbers on the importance of customer service, and the links you’ve provided is perfect.

      Thank you!

      I’ll be visiting your blog soon.

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