sly : marketing


He’s watching Skyfall, the James Bond movie, again. Relaxing. Finding the state of mind when nothing matters. Christmas is just around the corner, while he’s on top of a train, trying to save the world.

The plan is to wake up early. Walk down the stairs. Drink a cup of tea. Breathe. Light three candles and just be quiet, thinking about how wonderful it is to be alive. He couldn’t resist James Bond, he’s always trying to be someone else, living someone else’s life. This morning he’s the famous agent.

Creativity. Breathing. It comes naturally when he’s relaxing, watching, feeling the warmth from the candles. He knows exactly what he’ll be doing next. The morning pages; just 10 minutes of writing. Every morning, he is journaling about life, one word at a time. Some mornings, all he writes is that he has nothing to write about. But, he keeps doing it.

Persistence. He knows exactly what keeps him going. The cup of tea, the cold shower, and the input from the movies. He knows why trying to be someone else works for him. His goal is to understand what it means to be human.

Only then will he understand marketing…

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