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Breadcrumbs SEO Benefit – What You Need To Do

I have been asking myself the question about the breadcrumbs SEO benefit and what I should be doing to create the best breadcrumbs.

breadcrumbs seo benefit

Breadcrumbs are the navigation, the path, you see just above the title of my blog posts. It says, you are here, and it shows you exactly where you are on my site, what category you are in, and if the category is a sub-categories. I added breadcrumbs, not just because of the benefits for search engines, but I believe it’s a great help for readers.

I have a plan to develop the navigation on my site. I’m not just going to have five main categories, but I’ll be adding many sub-categories as well. This way, it will be even easier to find more specific information about different topics. For instance, at the moment, I have five categories on my blog:

For a long time, that was all I needed. But, I have realized that, I have too many blog posts and most of them are just too hard to find. That’s the main reason why I added breadcrumbs above each post, and it’s the main reason why I’ll be adding sub-categories.

Let’s just use Social media as an example of how I’ll be doing it. This is how simple I’m going to start out:

The great thing about navigation and breadcrumbs is that I can continue to add new categories and sub-categories that helps improve my blog and how my readers find my content. For instance, when I write posts about my favorite Twitter client, it’ll show up in the Twitter category, and not just in the main category of social media.

Breadcrumbs SEO Benefit

The short answer is yes. The breadcrumbs SEO benefit is there. It helps search engines crawl our site. It helps usability, and it shows readers the exact location on our site. It will, hopefully, increase the click-through rate on your site as readers will see the different categories of interest. More time on site and a lower bounce rate is an important part of SEO.

To me, the most important part of adding breadcrumbs to my site, and the breadcrumbs seo benefit, is the usability and to help readers navigate better. In the end, I believe that if things get easier and better for my readers, it’ll be good for SEO as well.

3 responses to “Breadcrumbs SEO Benefit – What You Need To Do”

  1. SEO is a most important factor to get success in online business. If you website’s SEO is strong then you can beat your competitors.

  2. Doug says:

    You’ve written this post about breadcrumbs and their importance, yet I can’t see them now? Have you decided to get rid of them already?

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