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The Brand New Internet Marketing Newsletter

You might have already noticed that I am writing an Internet marketing newsletter. Well, I haven’t been exactly proud of the contents. That’s because I really haven’t had a goal, I have only been sending various tips related to Internet marketing techniques and especially when it comes to various interesting new systems that my subscribers could sign up for.

Most of the systems did cost money, and I would earn a few extra bucks in commission from the sales.

That’s all about to end.

Starting tomorrow, I will send out my first edition of the brand new Internet marketing newsletter. It will be all about free Internet marketing tips, and free resources… it will contain videos and audio. It will be all about teaching my subscribers how to be successful with Internet marketing.

There will be no more links to new systems or new e-books, it will only be hands on stuff you’ll learn from instead of a link to a system that you can buy (or sign up for).

Once in a while, all my subscribers will be able to download e-books and software. Everything will be free (of course), and there will be no more signing up for stuff (because they have already done that) or paying for stuff (I will still write reviews about interesting new e-books/books and systems on this blog though).

I am not sure if I am going to be posting the first edition of the brand new Internet marketing newsletter on this blog as well, I’ll have to decide tomorrow.


The edition tomorrow will have the following content:

– Article: “How to Improve Search Engine Ranking with Google”
– Audio: “Internet Marketing Myths”
– Video: “Getting Started with Video Marketing and what You Need”
– Video: “How to Upload Your Video(s) to Multiple Sites”

I will be sending it to my subscribers once a week.

If you didn’t already notice, you can sign up for the newsletter at the top of this blog.

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