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BlogRush Works – But Not The Way You Think

I signed up with BlogRush at the time when John Reese launched it, at first I didn’t think much about it. It was just a widget in my sidebar showing more or less interesting posts on similiar topics. But now, I think of it as a way of getting traffic… targetted traffic.

Many bloggers have been removing BlogRush lately, and they have various reasons why they are doing it. On the other hand, some bloggers have experienced better results after they have installed a WordPress plugin for BlogRush.

I am still using BlogRush and even though the traffic from this widget could be a lot better, and I could have a much larger downline, I find it to be rather fascinating.

The traditionaly way

There are several ways to increase your traffic using BlogRush. You can write better headlines, if you write shorter and attention grabbing headlines, people will notice them. And you can use the filters, this way you can control which of your posts that will appear on other blogs. These two ways are probably the most common ways to increase your traffic using BlogRush, but I have another one that I find sort of amusing.

A lot of bloggers are more or less addicted to checking their blog stats. Some even update their stats every hour or so, just too see where their visitors are coming from. Yes, I have been there and done that, and I still find myself checking my stats way more than I should.

This works

And this is why it actually works to click on the headlines of your own BlogRush widget. Because when you click on a headline and you enter the blog (to read the post), the owner of that blog will see that you have referred a visitor to his blog. By seeing this, the owner might actually take a look at your blog, and if he finds it interesting, he will read some of your posts and even subscribe to your RSS feed.

… all this happens because most bloggers are looking at their stats way more often than they really should. I am one of them

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