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BlogJet is Worth Every Penny

As you may recall, I have been testing BlogJet for 30 days now. Today, I had to buy it or stop using it. I decided to buy it, it cost me close to $48, but to me it was worth every penny.

The reason I bought it was simple. My blogging experience is a lot better when I use it. It’s a lot more fun to write, and I think that my posts looks better when I use Blogjet. It sorts of inspires me to write, and I also think that it helps me become a little more creative than if I just use the regular WordPress editor.

Now, I did find two things about BlogJet that I didn’t actually like that much. The first one, might be something that it’s close to impossible to do something about. I really don’t know, because I am not all that technical. But I would like a way to view a preview of my posts, how they look in my blog design, before I decide to publish the posts.

BlogJet is a desktop blogging software, and that’s why I am not sure how hard it is to actually make a preview with your own blog design. Anyway, it would be great to have it.

The other problem, if I can call it a problem, with BlogJet is that after about a week or so, my antivirus software found a trojan and moved it to quarantine. I couldn’t use BlogJet after this, so I had to contact support and ask them about it.

The guy at support told me that it was no problem at all, and that they had told the antivirus company about it. I trust them, and don’t see any reason why they would have a trojan in their popular blog software. What I had to do was to tell the antivirus software to not look inside the BlogJet folder for virus and trojans. Now, everything works great.

If you are thinking about testing BlogJet, you should take a look at the video below. It displays many of the options. And you can always ask me questions about the software. I am using it with my wordpress blog, and it works great.

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