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Is Blogging to the Bank 2 the Real Deal?

When I first read the sales page of Blogging to the bank, I thought it was just a hype and that this was nothing for me at all. But then I heard from several people who said that it was great and that I should have bought it. Well, I didn’t buy it and I am not sure what I missed.

It seems that Blogging to the bank is system for how to earn money from blogging, much like what I am involved in at Blog Mastermind (the link opens up a new window). This is why I haven’t thought about buying the Blogging to the bank blueprints.

But what happened a few days ago?

I think it started about two days ago, when I received two e-mails from well-known online marketers telling me about Blogging to the bank 2. The “incredible system” has received an upgrade and made it even easier to earn more money from blogging. I am still not going to buy it, but that’s only because I am too satisfied with Blog Mastermind and I guess that they are both set out to do the same, help people who buy it / become members to earn money from blogging.

According to the sales page of Blogging to the bank 2, “You’re Just About To Find Out:

I am especially a little curious about the last point, “The One Technique No One Else Is Telling You About On How To Build A Multi Million Dollar Blogging Empire”. It’s almost like I have to buy it just to see what he is talking about… but I am going to try to resist. Hopefully Yaro Starak will tell me the technique.

Visit Blogging to the Bank 2 (the link opens up a new window)

I just love the picture at the sales page of the creator of Blogging to the bank, Rob Benwell, just sitting at the beach in the Maldives and blogging. That both sounds and looks like something I would want to do, especially today when the rain is pooring down and it’s cold and it’s July.

The main difference between Blogging to the bank 2 and Blog Mastermind (if you donīt look at the contens, because I donīt know much about blogging to the bank 2) is the price. Blogging to the bank 2 is a “system” that you buy, while blog mastermind is something you become a member of you have to pay a monthly fee.

8 responses to “Is Blogging to the Bank 2 the Real Deal?”

  1. Lauren says:

    very helpful, thanks ^^ i put mine on Myspace

  2. Carol Dukes says:

    I am trying to get rid of the Create Profile Badge option. How can that be done? I saw it some place in some documentation but cannot find it again.


  3. Cris says:

    Today is National Thank You Day!!!!

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