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Blog Mastermind and How To Attract Affiliates

Finally, Blog Mastermind is open to the public once again. I joined Blog Mastermind a while ago, and I was really satisfied with the course. It’s an easy way to learn how to blog and how to earn money from blogging.

The guy behind the course is Yaro Starak, he is a well-known blogger, and he is earning 5-figures from his blogging. If you decide to join, you will learn everything there is to learn about blogging in general (including all sorts of topics), how to drive massive traffic to your blog and how to monetize your blog.

The reason I am writing this post about Blog Mastermind today, is not because of the re-launch, it’s because of what Yaro Starak is doing to attract affiliates (an affiliate is a person promoting Blog Mastermind).

The more affiliates he attracts, the more people will promote his course, and the more money he will earn from his course. That’s why he is doing it, and that’s why he is spending a lot of money to attract new affiliates.

Yaro Starak is giving away 10 prices to the top 10 affiliates of his Blog Mastermind course. The first price is really something, it’s the Apple Macbook Air (see the image above).

The prices are:

1st – Apple Macbook Air
2nd – Asus Eee PC
3rd – Sony PSP
4th – iPod Nano
5th – Nintendo DS
6th – Snowball Mic by Blue
7th – Creative VADO
8th – Altec Lansing VS4121BLK Speakers and Sub Woofer
9th – iPod Shuffle
10th – Frank’s Hot Sauce

Yaro is really attracting new affiliates with this free prices technique. It’s an incentive that will “force” (in a good way) a lot of people to promote is Blog Mastermind course, and because a lot of people will promote it, Yaro will make more than enough money to be paying for the 10 prices.

So far, I think that having a contest among the top affiliates is the best way to attract new affiliates.

If you want to know more about how to sign up as an affiliate or how to join Blog Mastermind, you can read all about it at

If you have any questions regarding the course, you can ask me and I will give you my honest opinion.

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