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Blog Marketing And Comment Guidelines

When it comes to comment guidelines, I sort of have one, but I haven’t paid much attention to it. What I do is that I just use common sense when I disregard some of the comments coming in regarding my posts. For instance, I don’t allow spam at all. If a comment is not a comment but just a link, I delete it – no question about it. I also delete comments with links and text related to porn (becuase I don’t write about porn).

Other than that, I have followed “a receipe” of guidelines when it comes to comments. If my blog was one with a lot of traffic, I would probably have paid more attention to it, and I would probably have stated my guidelines somewhere on my blog (where everybody would see it).

I am not sure how rather famous bloggers do it, but according to a very informative book that I am still reading called Blog Marketing, there are some guidelines that bloggers should at least think about before starting a blog (and these are the guidelines that I have been looking at, but not stated on my blog):

The only one I am really sure of is that the comments are moderated by me. I get way too much spam to allow comments directly on my blog. Commenters are allowed to be anonymous, well sort of. They must write a name and e-mail, but I have no clue if the person who publish the comment is who he or she claims to be. Everything else is common sense to me, I deal with questionable situations when they appear.

4 responses to “Blog Marketing And Comment Guidelines”

  1. Dawud Miracle says:

    Honesty is the best policy – old, but true.

  2. msham70 says:

    Yup.. sometimes what they say that they get a huge amount of money a month by showing some images from paypal account sometimes wouldn’t be true, unless he showed a video proof showing his realtime images of one of his account (paypal or whatever). If he’s doing some forex, i guess maybe it’s true.. 🙂

  3. Tim Linden says:

    If you told us you earned that much a month I’d tell you that was only half as much as me =P

    It wouldn’t affect me though.. It’s like all those people who make a ton off spam adsense sites. Wow great for them but not for me.

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