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Blog Hooks

I just read an interesting article regarding how to “draw people back” to your website. The author says that successful blogs “.. have something about them that stands out, that draws you into them in the moment but that also draws you back to them over time.” He is talking about blog hooks.

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What he says is that you need to have something that readers really want or need. Something that makes your website special. This same thought applies to your business as well. If you sell something online, this something have to stand out from the rest. Let`s say that you sell a service, for example website hosting. Why would people buy this from you and your company?

You can probably trick a lot of people using certain marketing techniques, but in the end. Why would they continue buy this service from you, year after year?

One word says it all – comparison. If you compare your website or products to others, will yours be better, more interesting, cheaper or do you provide better service? If not, you might have a problem. You will only be one in the crowd, one out of thousands of other businesses just like yours.

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