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Blog Commenting – The Reason Why You Need To Do It

I know. I haven’t visited your website lately.

I have a morning routine, and I do schedule the time I write and when and how I do my marketing. But, during different periods, like the one I’ve been experiencing for the past 4-5 weeks, I just can’t seem to get anything done. I’ve been on vacation, and it might be due to the different environment, I’m not sure what the real reason is.

But, there are several things; I’ve been marketing the music festival and it was an awesome experience. I learned a lot from doing something I’ve never done before. And, at the same time, I’m still new to sports marketing and sponsorships. And, at the same time, I’m doing my best to make a dent in the universe.

When everything fails

The one thing I really wish I would have been able to accomplish is to read more blog posts and keep up with commenting. It was the first thing I stopped doing, and I think that the reason why I stopped was because it was so easy to stop. It didn’t feel like anyone was waiting for me to arrive at their site and that they’d miss me if they didn’t see my comment. What’s a few weeks, right?

On the other hand, it’s easy to start a bad habit. That’s why I have been asking myself the question; How do you focus on blogging when you don’t have the time?

I’m telling myself that’s it’s always about getting things done. I need to accomplish something, on a daily basis. No matter what I do in business, I need to get results. And, I need to find a way to make the results visible. That’s why I am more into writing stories to explain marketing. That’s what I find to be easy.

I keep writing, no matter what. Sometimes it’s just a journal, other times it ends up here, and you can read it.

When life gets busy, I stop and think about what I really need to do, and I pause everything else.

Blog commenting

There are many reasons why you should do it, and here are the 12 best reasons why you should comment on blogs. But, commenting on blogs is not just a way to get more comments on your blog (people reciprocate), and to get more traffic. The real reason why you need to do it, is to build a relationship with fellow bloggers. That’s it.

You’re building a strong relationship with consistent comments. It might end up in giving you more business, or it might end up in personal gains, or just really helpful feedback. It’s hard to say what it’ll do for you, but it all started with a blog comment…

11 responses to “Blog Commenting – The Reason Why You Need To Do It”

  1. Palla Sridhar says:

    Hi, I do understand that blog commenting helps to connect with fellow bloggers. But is it still useful from SEO point of view in 2014. Some say that its a waste. But does it really help promote your blog?

    • Hey Palla,

      I don’t think that it’s as important for SEO, at least not as important as it used to be. That’s not why I do it. Most of the links from comments are no-follow as well. But, you do get extra traffic from it and the link does count.

      – Jens

  2. Pankaj says:

    Blog commenting certainly helps you to get more exposure and give you a chance to express your feeling and experience on particular topic. It also helps you to promote your blog/site (avoid spamming). It’s the best way to build relations with fellow bloggers.

  3. Torsten Mueller says:

    Hi Jens-Petter,

    this is my first time on your blog, I found this post on triberr..

    I agree with you that commenting on other blogs is important. Many people just see it as a way to drop a link back to their site, but as you said, what is much more important is to connect with other people in your industry and build relationships.

    Have an awesome day,

  4. Nancy Miller says:

    I almost left your site without comment! Good advice, I’m learning. 🙂

  5. Jack says:

    Hi Jens,

    I noticed you were gone, kept meaning to drop you a line but got caught up with all of the normal ‘life’ stuff. I haven’t been real good about commenting either, been feeling over extended with all of my blogs.

  6. I just spent about 20 minutes or so commenting on blogs, including this one. It feels great. I love taking the time to really read, consider and reply. I hope I can work this into my daily routine again. I enjoy blog commenting over coffee.

  7. Luissa says:

    I love a good reminder to connect, engage and respond to people who are wiser than me! It’s so easy to read with a distracted eye and never finish an article. I want to get better at focusing my attention on one thing at a time and giving the blog writer a real chance to impact me.

    What are your strategies for effective blog reading?

  8. Really good post here on the importance of blog commenting. Many people don’t take this as seriously as they should, which is a shame. If they just devote more time to it, they’ll realize how much this small thing can contribute to large results for their blog.

    Great post.

    P.S. I loved the line you said “That’s why I am more into writing stories to explain marketing. That’s what I find to be easy.” What an EXCELLENT want to separate yourself from others in your market who may not be doing that … that type of thing can help you stand out.

    • Thanks Andrew. I absolutely agree with you about the importance of blog commenting. It’s probably the most important part of marketing I’ve been doing since I started blogging. It’s how I connected with most people, and it’s how I started to learn all the different marketing methods – I commented and asked for feedback.

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