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Blog commenting not for foreigners

I know that I should not be in a hurry, especially when I post comments at blogs. I am from Norway and my english is ok when I concentrate, but when I am in a hurry I usually do something that I will regret. It’s not as bad as you probably think.

When I am in hurry I usually get some misspelled words (I probably get some when I am concentrating as well, but hopefully not as many). The problem is that when I find misspelled words in my comments at other blogs I can’t edit them. It might be just me, but I haven’t found a way to figure this out yet.

There should be a way for the author of the comment to edit the comment. It might be hard to do this, because how will the blog know that you are the author of the comment? Well, you could get recognized by the ip (if you have the same ip address as when you wrote the comment, you get to edit it). Or maybe there’s a commenting system somewhere, where you get a password to comment and edit your comments, and the system keeps tracks of all your comments? I don’t know about this system, but there probably is a system like that. If there is, it should be installed on every single blog out there.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a foreigner 🙂

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