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Block out time to network

You’re standing next to a rather short man. He’s wearing a nice grey suit. He’s drinking coca-cola, looking at the other people in the room. He’s turning his head from right to left, and back again.

It’s clearly that he’s there, thinking about someone to talk to.

You’re next to him, just a few feet away, but you just can’t seem to get any closer. You want to say hi, but you can’t. Even though you know that it’s not that difficult.

Introduce yourself. Tell him about why you’re there, and what you think about conferences like this. Tell him that it’s hard to meet people in the same line of business as you’re in. And, when he asks about your business. Make a joke. You know he’s going to ask you about it. Prepare a funny joke. Make him laugh.

I know you don’t usually go to places like this. At the same time, you know it’s something you should do. You know how important it is.

Block out time to network, at least four events each month.

That’s how you meet new clients, and customers. That’s how you meet new referrals. That’s how you meet people that’ll help you grow your business.

Don’t hide in the corner. That’s too easy. Read 10 tips I learned at the marketing conference, and set a goal. How many people are you going to talk to? Take notes.

If you still struggle.

Turn the networking into a game. Give yourself points. Keep score. Prepare for a big price if you get 100 points. Buy yourself something you’d love at the end of the day.

Block out time for networking. It’s too important not to…

9 responses to “Block out time to network”

  1. Tim Bonner says:

    I’ve fallen down on networking lately Jens.

    Since the kids are now both in school full time, I thought I’d get so much more done online.

    It seems I’m experiencing the opposite. I must make an effort though. I’ve been asked to do a podcast interview so maybe that’s where I should start.

    • Hey Tim

      I have had the same experience. If I have a lot of extra time, I don’t get much done. But, if I have little time, I have to be structured and I have to focus to get (the most important) things done. What I do now, is to have a goal for the week, and I try to get everything done in two days instead of seven days. If I can’t get it done in two days, I am usually a lot closer to my goal for the week than if I was just focusing on being finished on Sunday.

      • Tim Bonner says:

        That sounds like a good way to do things Jens.

        I tried having a to do list but that just went by the wayside.

        Keeping on top of everything I have to do at home is taking up most of my time.

        By the time I sit down to do anything online, I’m brain dead!

        • I’m practicing Life S.A.V.E.R.S. Have you read the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod? That might be something you might want to take a closer look at. I’ve experienced a lot of really great things after I read the book and started practicing the six “life savers”

          • Tim Bonner says:

            I haven’t read it Jens.

            I see there’s a Kindle edition though so I’m going to take the plunge and get hold of a copy.

            • I read the Kindle version. It’s a very powerful book, and I’m sure it’ll make a difference in your life Tim. I get up early every day, and do my work. This way I get a great start and no matter what happens during the day, and if I don’t get anything else done, I’ve had a great day 🙂

  2. Angela says:

    It is never that easy to network for some people but it is amust inorder to learn and grow.

  3. CHANDER MOHAN says:

    It is really important to have a good network and grow it continuously. It seems easy at 1 sight but it is not that easy.

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