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Blackhat Facebook Marketing

I have been reading a lot about Facebook lately, especially on various discussion forums. I believe that discussion forums can be a waste of time, but when it comes to research they can also be very valuable.

I have just discovered a method for promoting anything on Facebook, it seems to be blackhat, but I believe that it works. Add your comments about the method below.

Let me share it with you. By the way, I haven’t tested it myself, and probably never will. I don’t do blackhat.

Since it’s blackhat, meaning that it’s not legal or in the grey zone, I advice that you create a brand new Facebook account (in case the account gets banned).

1. Create a new Gmail account.

The reason I would create a new Gmail account is because of the blackhat technique. If you’re using the email account that you’re already using on Facebook, your other Facebook account might get suspended.

I use Gmail, because it’s free and probably the best email system. I read all my email via a different email client (I don’t access my mail via the gmail website), read how I do it (and how I filter all my email).

2. Create a new Facebook account.

I wouldn’t test this method with my own Facebook account, it’s way too risky. Relate your new Facebook profile to the product you are selling. For instance, if you use the name of a female, and use an image of either a (beautiful) female or flowers, or a great view, candles, or whatever, as long as people think you’re a woman, you get more friends with less work.

3. Use an email grabber

Find a free email grabber or buy one, I have tested Email Grabber 2 a while ago, and it works. Find websites about the specific topic, add the urls inside the email grabber and this way you’ll extract the email addresses. You can extract several thousands of emails using the right email grabber.

Export the email addresses to a CSV file.

4. Import the email addresses into Gmail

Import the emails as contacts to your Gmail account. You can add several thousands of contacts. I’m not sure, but I believe that you can have apx. 10,000 contacts in your Gmail account.

You can add new CSV files of addresses every single day and many times a day.

5. Add them as friends on Facebook

You can import your contacts from Gmail as friends on Facebook. When you import your Gmail contacts to Facebook, Facebook will automatically try to find the people on Facebook. You just need to add them as your friends.

Don’t send friend request to all of them at the same time. I’m not sure, but I would probably not send more than 100 friend requests a day, just in case.

You can have 5,000 friends, I think that’s the limit.

6. Create a Facebook Page for your product

When your profile is ready, and you’ve added lots of friends, then it’s time to create a Facebook Page.

Add valuable information for your product, but don’t add any links to what you’re actually selling. This Page should first and foremost seem like information about the topic.

For instance, if I wanted to sell “All Types of Wedding Speeches”, then I would add many examples of wedding speeches as both text and videos (from YouTube) and I would add images from weddings (from Flickr).

7. Suggest to friends

Just click on the link in the menu that says “suggest to friends”. This way all of your friends will get a request to become a fan of your Facebook Page.

When you have 5,000 targeted friends (who are all interested in the topic of your product or service), you’ll get a lot of new fans. Not only will your friends become fans, but the information about the new page will probably spread among their friends as well.

What’s your opinion, will this method work, and would you do it?

Image: Libraryman

5 responses to “Blackhat Facebook Marketing”

  1. Melvin says:

    Pretty interesting but I doubt this could be as effective as advertise since facebook is always quick to respond to this blackhat things. But I may try it as well

  2. Pablo Edwards says:

    I’m I reading this correct that it is not legal?

  3. Kai says:

    Good article, must be tested in real-life very soon! Thanks.

  4. Spence says:

    Very Interesting. I’ve heard about Facebook marketing but not in this way (and certainly not as detailed). Thanks — I’ll definately look into it.

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