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The Black Prius can Teach you about Marketing

What car a person drives tells you something about their personality, it tells you something about their world view. Every car tells a story, and this story becomes part of the (story of the) person that drives it. It’s not really all about the color anymore (my mom wanted a red car, and that’s what she bought).

An interesting example is that Miley Cyrus traded the Porsche her Mom bought her for her 16th birthday for a Black Prius.

These cars tells two different stories, one tells the story of fast, cool, expensive, power etc.. The other tells the story of sophisticated, smart, environment, future etc..

By switching cars, Miley Cyrus is also telling us a different story about who she is, or who she is becoming. I am not saying that you know everything about a person from the car she drives. What I am saying is that people will tell themselves a story from the car she drives.

Most people don’t know her, and when they see her in a Porche, the image will tell them a story, when they see her in a Black Prius, that story will be completely different. What’s important, is that the story really matters to the public.

… and of course, it matters to Toyota.

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