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Bio Performance and their magic pill

I have some interesting news for you. I bet you have heard of Bio Performance, this is the company that are trying to radically change the way we drive our cars. Well, maybe not the way we drive, but more like how far we drive on the gasoline we put in our cars. They have devoloped a magic pill that will help our cars drive a lot farther on the same gasoline as before.

This will help our environment and it will help our wallets too. It´s just plain magic. But does it work, and what about the MLM business? If it works, a lot of people will be happy, I guess everybody who drives a car will be happy. If it works, it will be one of the greatest businesses ever, a lot of people are going to earn a lot of money.

…but, there is always a but. Many have been very sceptical towards Bio Performance Inc. Many have been shouting SCAM all over the net, but I can see that many are still promoting this company. So today I am going to give you another warning.

There is something happening in a San Antonio courtroom. The magic pill has earned Bio Performance apx. $25 million in four months, but what happened to the money?

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