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The Biggest Problem Regarding MLM

When I write MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) I am actually talking about the whole business, not any specific products. One of the biggest problems that many are talking about is the many scams, this way the whole business have been getting a reputation of being nothing but a scam and that only the people at the top are making money. This is true, it has become a problem, at least here in Norway.

But I believe that another problem has become more of a problem than the scam part. And that´s the problem of people joining companies to get rich quick and not doing any work at all. Many people will join, and if they haven´t earn enough money in a few weeks, they will just quit and some might even blame the company.

There are no such things as a get rich quick MLM company, at least I don´t believe that there are any companies like that. Some people might get rich quick, but that´s either pure luck or they are involved in a scam. If you are looking for a residual income that will be coming to you for years from now, you should at least work hard for a three to four months before you decide to quit the company that you have joined.

There are probably many opinions about how many months you should keep working with an MLM company before you should quit. I believe that you should have a plan, and that you should stick to it, and it´s important that you quit if you don´t see any results. It can become very expensive if you don´t quit, but give it at least three to four months before you decide.

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