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The Biggest Mistake Using Autoresponders

There are many mistakes that you can make if you are using an autoresponder. And one mistake from you, can actually keep you from making money and even loose subscribers. Because if you send out e-mails with poor language, bad links and more, people might stop to trust you and find it uninteresting to read your e-mails. One mistake might not be a big problem, but several mistakes in days or a few weeks apart might be a problem.

I think that the single biggest mistake that someone can do when they send out e-mails to their list using an autoresponder is to put in the wrong code for the firstname. Close to a hundred percent are using personalized messages when they send their e-mails, and it feels sort of comfortable reading an e-mail addressed to me instead of “dear subscriber”. But frequently I get e-mails with something like “{!firstname}, how to get targeted traffic to your site”. This is not good, and I am not sure how it can happen.

Most autoresponders, like Aweber, has an option where you just choose your code for the firstname and click on insert and it will be insterted exactly as it should be. And if you don´t have your firstname in the database, you should get “friend” instead of {!firstname}. Not sure if most autoresponders have rules like that. I think that the problem might be that people are in a hurry, and want to send a quick message to their list to earn some money before the weekend or something. They then just copy the code for the firstname and paste it in their e-mail. Sometimes they don´t get the whole code, they might miss just a single ! or }, and that´s enough for everything to go complitely wrong.

A 10 second mistake that might be a very very bad one to make. Don´t hit the send / save button before you have read what you have written at least three times and be sure to check the code for the personalized information. You might be using other information than just firstname.

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