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Beta Testers Marketing Strategy

I have had 5 lucky people who have been quietly testing my brand new Internet Marketing system, and they have each grown their lists by an extra 1500 people a week.

No, I am just kidding. The above is just an example of how you can use the Beta testers marketing strategy.

If you have your own product, you could test it on a few people first (you would probably do that anyway) and then you could use the results as a way to motivate your prospects into buying the product.

Use the results of the beta testing, and tell your prospects that you have had a limited number of beta testers or personal contacts that have been using your product for X amount of days, and for the first time you will be revealing the results.

Since your product has only been tested by your beta testers, and this is the first time it’s released to the public, people will most likely enjoy it. People like to be first, and if you tell them that they are among the first people to get their hands on the product, a lot of people will act fast.

You can combine the information about the beta testing with a limited amount of copies available for sale.

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