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The best way to promote AWeber

A service that I have been fond of for a long time is AWeber, a brilliant company offering unlimited autoresponders, follow ups and newsletters. You can be a member and use their service, or you can be an affiliate and earn money by promoting their service, and of course you can be both.

If you want to promote AWeber, what would be the best way to promote it?

By advertising AWeber with the use of banners, either on your blog or on other sites, people will only view the AWeber sales page after they click on it. And if they have never heard of AWeber before clicking, do you think that you will get a sale? I am not so sure. The AWeber site is a really good site, but usually people will have to think before they buy. Maybe they will read most of the information on the site, and then come back tomorrow, or maybe not. But as soon as they click on your banner, it`s not up to you anymore.

If you write a review of the AWeber service and your are honest about it, people might find it very helpful and trust your judgement. If they do, and you are a good writer, it might be a lot easier for your to get new buyers. But writing a review might not get you a lot of traffic and it might not be a really good advertisement if you have a blog without visitors. You might have to promote your review in order to get it read.

You could write an article or several articles about various features of AWeber. You could write an article about how AWeber uses RSS/XML and HTML web archives to publish sent newsletters on your website automatically. And Automatic newsletter creation from RSS/XML feeds using their exclusive Feed Broadcaster technology. As long as you publish the articles to good directories, you might get a lot of new readers and maybe some buyers as well.

But I really think that promoting the test drive would be the best way to promote AWeber. The test drive is actually just an html subscription form, where you get people to sign up their name and email address in order to see AWeber in action, if they sign up they will receive a free demonstration of AWeber. This will be professionally written e-mails from AWeber with sales messages. After you get people to sign up for this demonstration, you won’t have to do anything at all. AWeber will take it from there.

The reason I think the AWeber test drive would be the best way to promote the AWeber affiliate program is that it uses the strength of AWeber. AWeber is all about sending emails automatically, and how to follow up with your customers and how to send newsletters and how fast and reliable their service is. There is no better way to understand this than to actually test it yourself. After 3 to 4 emails, my guess would be that most people would be so impressed that if they need this kind of service, they would go for AWeber.

You can try the test drive by submitting your name and e-mail address at the bottom of this page. All affiliates of AWeber will get their own subscription forms to promote the test drive. This way, their affiliate ids will be on all the links that AWeber sends in their messages.

There are many ways to promote affiliate programs, but I think that you should always look at the strength of every program in order to find the perfect way to promote it. I think the strength of AWeber is their remarkable service, and there is no better way to show this to the world than to use their test drive.

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  1. Louie says:

    I can say AWEBER is the best among the rest. But I can't afford the monthly charge.

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