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The Best TV Advertisements

One thing I actually don’t enjoy that much is to watch TV advertisements, especially when appear during a movie that I am watching. I understand that advertisers want them to appear during movies and TV shows, that’s because they want more people to actually see them. We see them because we never know when they will appear during a movie or TV show, and another reason why we see them is that most people don’t plan to do anything when the advertisements starts, maybe just grab a quick snack or go to the bathroom or something. But usually I don’t think people plan what they are going to do for a few minutes every now and then during a movie or a TV show.

We rather wait and watch the TV for a few minutes until the movie or TV show continues. I actually enjoy some TV advertisments, even when they appear during a movie that I am currently watching… but they need to be really good to get my attention. The best TV advertisments to me is the ones with a lot of humor.

For instance, there are two funny ones that I really enjoy here:

funny and a little sexy

And I just love the Axe deodorant advertisments, just look at the three bom chicka wahwah ads below, they are just amazing.

If you want to see more ads like these, you should check out Best Ads Ever and Best Ads on TV.

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