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The Best Summer Advertisement

What would be the best summer advertisement for your home business? Today it was sunny out and I walked around just looking at all the people and the cars, everybody seemed to be happy. I guess the sun has this kind of impact on people, especially here in Norway. Even though it was hot outside, it will be a few more weeks before we can go swimming, at least before I will go swimming.

During my walk, I thought about a way to advertise a business during the hot weather, a way that would really be noticed by a lot of people. I came up with a giant tattoo, probably somewhere on my back. I probably couldn´t fit any message, I am too small for that, but I could fit the domain name. Wouldn´t that be something when I am going to be strolling down the beach? Maybe only a fake tattoo?

I admit, this kind of advertising is not for me, but it might not be such a bad idea for a person who loves his business and tattoos 🙂

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