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Best Marketing Money Can Buy?

I have been thinking, what is the best marketing money can buy? Well, that´s of course a very tough question to answer. And it all depends on how much money you have to spend in the first place, and it all depends on what you are marketing. But if you think like this for a minute. You want to spend as little money as possible and you want the biggest buzz possible. You want the whole nation to be talking about your ads and your company. And if one person is going to promote your company and your products, you want this person to be creative and full of energy. Am I right so far?

This got me thinking again, because yesterday I stumble onto a very creative and interesting person from Hawaii. His name is Tom Akins and he is doing something that you should know about. He is having an auction and the highest bidder will get something that you probably won´t guess if you haven´t already heard about it. The highest bidder will get ads on Tom and his car for a whole year, yes that´s 365 days. He will wear t-shirts with your ads and he will wrap his car with the highest bidder´s logo. He will be showing off your logo and slogan everywhere. And I bet he will be in the newspapers soon and he will probably be on TV as well. He is the kind of guy that will turn up where you least expect him to, and he will be promoting …

So, if you are interested in his story and bid on his auction, or just enter his trivia (I won the first trivia by the way), go on over to his site today: 365 Days of Advertising!

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