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The Best Magazine in the World

Today. The sun is shining. And finally, it arrived.

While eating breakfast, my family was staring at me, but I didn’t see them, I just sensed it. I was too focused, reading the best magazine in the world.

I’m reading every single page thoroughly, sometimes I read every single page more than one time. I enjoy every single word. I love the layout. The pictures are awesome; they make me laugh, they make me warm and they make me feel good about myself, and sometimes they make me feel really sad.

Some of the articles are long, they give me greater knowledge and understanding about the subject. Some of the articles are short, but extremely impressive.

Usually, when I’m at the last page, I feel some kind of sorrow; dissapointed that I’ll have to wait close to a month to read the next issue. It’s a feeling of longing, a yearning desire.

To me, it’s the best magazine in the world.

The reason.

The subject is my passion. It’s an intense love, and an enthusiasm. It’s a barely controllable emotion.

To me, the best magazine in the world is VegNews.

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