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The Best iPhone Application

Finally, I found the iPhone application that I have been looking for. So far, it’s the best free iPhone application. You might not agree with me, but this one is a life saver. It’s called iPhone Discover, and it lets you transfer files from your iPhone to another iPhone, or from an iPhone to a computer using WiFi networks.

It took me about 20 seconds from I installed it and to I was up and running. My first file was transfered in just a couple of minutes. It was really easy, and it was just perfect.

I installed it while I was at a friends apartment about an hour ago. Within a few minutes I was using his iMac to transfer files to my iPhone. The discover application gave me the ip-address, after I typed it and submitted it using Safari, I entered a really neat interface (check out the image above) on his iMac.

I got full control over the files I wanted to transfer from his iMac to my iPhone, and on the files on my iPhone to his iMac.

I am not sure if it’s possible to make it any easier than this. So far, this is the best iPhone application (for me).

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