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The best headlines for blogging

I’ll be the first to admit that the blog headlines that attracts me, are either:

This means, that you can either, do awesome and remarkable stuff to get me hooked, or you can become my friend.

The good headlines are the ones that will help me accomplish something.

They’ll either list many different ways to … or they’ll give me facts or methods that I’d like to know. I really enjoy headlines that educates me, and the headlines that makes me excited.

I’m paying extra attention to headlines with the 5Ws:

Sometimes, asking a question in the headlines makes me interested. It makes me want to either know the answer or answer the question myself.

Do you want me as your reader, you can either:

6 responses to “The best headlines for blogging”

  1. Hey Jens, writing good headlines is something I definitely need to improve. I have ALWAYS lacked skill on doing this and I know the importance of it myself because that’s the difference on opening an email or reading a blog post for me UNLESS it’s from someone I know like you said on your article.

    Great stuff on the 5 W’s man, keep it going! 😉

    • Hey Sergio,

      I hope you’re doing great. It’s been a while. I’m not good at writing headlines, but I’m doing my best to improve. I am analyzing most of my emails, and I’m also doing some split testing to learn more about my headlines.

      But, I’m a lot better at just connecting with people, and that seems to be working for me 🙂

      How’s life and business?


  2. Hi Jens, Way to set a great example with this headline! You’re right, a great headline can pull in readers. Just be sure to deliver when they arrive at your doorstep (which you always do!).

    • I agree with you Carolyn. I’ve been reading some headlines lately, they pulled me in, but when I arrived and started reading, I understood that it was nothing but the headline. And, I left disappointed 🙂

  3. UnveiltheWeb says:

    Hi Jens,

    A great headline goes a long ways to earning readers and engagers on a blog. I always write my articles first and then I work to come up with intersesting yet truthful headlines that grab peoples attention. Questions that are thought provoking work really well as do articles that make you wonder if you’re headed in the right direction or not (ie do you have a real problem?).

    ~ Don Purdum

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