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The Best Content For Your Website is Evergreen

There are two types of content for your blog or website, that’s evergreen content and content that rank high for a specific keyword or term.

Even though I state that the best content for your website is evergreen content, my best advice is to mix evergreen with keyword and term specific content.

Let me give you some pointers about evergreen content. This is the content that’ll drive traffic to your site for months or years to come. That’s why it’s called evergreen, it will (or I should probably say it might) send you traffic forever. Well, that’s if you do it right.

Evergreen content is not content related to a specific happening or a specific date. No matter how awesome your content is, if it’s related to a specific happening or a date, the content will grow old and people will lose interest. It’s just a matter of time. For instance, if you’ve written a truly interesting blog post about the death of Michael Jackson (that’s the biggest story at the moment), do you think it will be as interesting to people in a month or two? The death of Michael Jackson will probably be at the top of the news for a while, but only for so long. Other famous people will die, a lot of new stuff will happen, it will eventually be old news.

Now, if you’ve written a tutorial about the most effective way to kill mosquitoes or a tutorial about the 10 best flat belly diet tips, then you’ve got your evergreen content. This is content that will be interesting no matter what year we’re in, no matter when you wrote the content.

The only time it wouldn’t be interesting is if mosquitoes were distinct (or not annoying anywhere in the world) or nobody cared about their bellies anymore (and that will never happen).

Evergreen content will help you get visitor to your blog or website over and over again, it’s more or less timeless content.

Go evergreen.

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