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My best apps for iPhone

Today I’ll give you the list of my best apps for iPhone. I have been using my mobile phone as an integrated part of my business for more than a year now, and it’s with me everywhere I go.

best apps for iphone

Best apps for iPhone

I am including the best apps for iPhone for my business. I have included the 10 best apps I am using every single day. In the end of this post, I’ll ask you if you are using any of the same as me, or if you’re using some I haven’t included in my list. If you’re using a different mobile phone, please let me know about the best apps on Android. Most of the apps I have listed are paid apps, if you are using mostly free, let me know about the best free apps for iPhone in the comments.

Let’s get started, here’s the list of my top 10 iPhone apps I am using:


I write on my iPhone using Byword. This is my favorite tool for writing long text, like right now, when I’m writing this blog post. I usually start writing the blog post on my mobile phone, and I continue using my computer, and I can go back and edit on my iPhone and finally publish the post directly via Byword. The software is amazing, and I highly recommend it if you’re writing a lot. I am learning Markdown as part of how I write my blog posts. Markdown is a plain text formatting syntax, that will convert to HTML when I hit publish. It’s different, but it’s fun and fairly easy to do.


I haven’t been using SproutSocial for a long time, as I’m writing this, I believe I’ve only been using it for apx. 40 days. But still, SproutSocial is one of my best apps for iPhone.I use it to manage all of my social media profiles, for me, personally, and for my business.


I have been using Evernote for a long time. Recently, I upgraded to the paid version, because I use it all the time and for all my notes. I start writing my notes on my iPhone, and I sync them with my iPad and my Mac.


30/30 is one the new top iPhone apps I am using. I am using it for time management and to help me stay focused on one project at a time.


I have been using Spotify “forever”, beause I really enjoy listening to music while I’m working. I listen to most of the music on my iPhone. I wrote a guest post at Wonder of Tech a while ago about The 10 Real Reasons Why I Love Spotify.


I use Pocket to read most of the blog posts I read on my iPhone. Pocket is amazing, it makes reading blog posts a lot easier, by displaying only the words and removing everything ads and formatting the text beautifully.


The Kindle app is with me everywhere. I never thought that I would read any books on my iPhone, but I was wrong. I keep reading a few pages on a daily basis, and when I’m done reading, the books have synced to either my Kindle, or the Kindle app on my iPad.


Drafts is a very interesting new app that I have just started using. What I do with Drafts, is that I open a blank text document, I start writing, and I then I decide what I’m going to do with the text. For instance, sometimes when I start writing, the text will end up in Evernote, other times the text will end up as a tweet. With Drafts I can send the text to more or less all other apps. So, if I’m not sure what I’m working on, I will always start with Drafts.


I have tried many different email clients for my iPhone, but only one ended up in my list of best apps for iPhone, and that’s Dispatch. The reason why I ended up using Dispatch, and the reason I don’t think I’ll ever switch to another email client on my iPhone, is because it helps me decide and take action on all my emails. I open Dispatch, and I’ll either archive, delete or send the emails to Evernote for reference, or I’ll send it to OmniFocus if I need to reply to the email. It’s a perfect way to organize my email.


I will end this list of top iPhone apps, with OmniFocus. I have been using it for several months now, and I can’t even imagine how my life was before OmniFocus. I am using it to organize all my projects and all the tasks I need to do. This is how I organize my day, no matter if it’s personal or if it’s business.

Your best apps for iPhone

I have listed my best apps for iPhone, now I’d really enjoy a discussion about what you think about the apps I’ve listed. Are you using any cool apps for iPhone, and are you using any other apps that you are including in your list of the best apps for iPhone?

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