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Being friendly

I have been to Gothenburg, my favorite city in Sweden. I’ve been working for a client, but I did get some time to see parts of the city that I haven’t seen before. And, I had an awesome experience visiting one of the restaurants that will be attending the Vegetarian festival.

I am a vegetarian, and every time I visit Gothenburg, I visit Jonsborg at Avenyen. This is a fast food restaurant serving Vegan and vegetarian food. I don’t think that we have anything similar to Jonsborg in Norway. The food tastes great, and they have many alternatives; like many types of hot dogs, burgers, kebab and more.

jonsborg avenyen

It’s hard to explain my reaction when they said yes to the Vegetarian festival. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I jumped higher than I have ever jumped, and, I shouted a big YES! I just couldn’t believe it.

I’m finally in Gothenburg, and I just had to visit them, mostly for the food, because I was really hungry, and like I said, the food is awesome.

Being friendly

I’m standing in line, and I’m thinking that I should ask the woman making the food, if I can talk to the owner. I’m not sure how he looks, or if he is even there. I’m thinking about it. It’s hard to decide. There are people behind me in the line, and I’m actually a bit shy. But, I decide to do it. I’m going to meet him in about a week anyway, and it would be great to talk to him and ask him if he has any questions about the festival.

I did it.

What happened next is what I just can’t stop thinking about.

The owner runs outside, and is greeting me, like we’ve been friends for a very long time. He asks me if I’ve tasted their vegan kebab. I told him no, and that I’ve just ordered a burger. He said that I just have to try the kebab too. He tells the woman that he want her to make a kebab to me as well, no extra charge. Then, when I get the food, he wants me to come with him.

I’m holding the food with both hands, and a coca-cola. I’m trying to eat, while he is talking constantly, showing me all of his different food in a storage a few hundred meters away. I’m listening, and I’m so excited that he’ll be part of the festival. I’m standing there, like I’ve met some kind of a super hero. He’s holding vegan burgers, smiling, and telling me stories about how and why he started his business.

jonsborg at vegetarfestivalen

Later, as I’ve just finished eating my food (and I’m really full), we walk back to his restaurant and into the kitchen. He is still not finished showing me everything. I’m smiling, and the customers standing in line outside, are smiling. They’re looking at me, and I have no idea what they’re thinking, but I’m guessing that they’re understanding how important being friendly is.

I’m a customer for life. That’s how important friendly is.

6 responses to “Being friendly”

  1. Mark says:

    Hey, Jens – this is definitely the most excited feeling I’ve had about vegetarian food, and I’m not even a vegetarian! 😮

    Enthusiasm is infectious; it moves people, and business… Keep up the great work, sir – your dreams and thoughts are all coming to fruition…

    Isn’t cool to create things in your mind and live them out in reality?

    That’s what drives my business ambitions – taking a thought, an idea, a vision – and making it reality. That is creativity in action!

    Cheers, sir! : )

  2. Carolyn says:

    Jens, I can only imagine he was even more excited to meet you in person too. You might have been meeting a superhero but he was meeting a RockStar!

    I can’t wait to hear about the Festival!

  3. Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Jens

    I’m the same as Mark. You made me feel so enthusiastic about your trip to Gothenburg. I want to go to that restaurant and I’m not even vegetarian… my wife is though.

    Being friendly is the only way to go. Although being overly friendly might put a few people off!

  4. Josh St. Aubin says:

    Being friendly is a mutually beneficial thing. You made his day by sharing in his passion of making great vegan/vegetarian food while at the same time, he made yours by going out of his way to give you the backstage tour. It cost him nothing more than his time (and a free kebab), but the power of his brand just increased beyond anything marketing or advertising could ever provide as this story is reaching people around the world. There is no dollar amount you can put on being friendly, but creating life long, passionate customers like you is priceless. Thanks for sharing Jens.

  5. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    Being friendly is hard, but it is worth the effort and time.

    Big corporations and businesses these days forget the value of being friendly towards their customers (can’t particularly blame them; they aren’t friendly with their employees, who in return, forgets to be friendly with their customers).

    I can relate the part about being shy (I am an introvert, so I find it hard to start a conversation with a stranger. But, once I do get to know them, everything turns out be be fine).

    But, I am glad everything is going fine 🙂

    By the way, Jens, how are you? I haven’t been blogging for a while, but it is good to be back. Hope you are doing well 😀

    • I’m doing great. Yes, it’s been a while. But, now I’m back from working with the vegetarian festival and I have more time to connect online 🙂

      It’s so great to see people who understands that friendly beats any advertising strategy.

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