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Banned For Life At Google AdSense?

I was banned for invalid click activity at my Google AdSense account a few years ago. I have received no information from the Google AdSense Team about what happened, and at the time I didn´t understand how to complain and get back into AdSense. Still, after a few years, I am still not active at AdSense.

I have sent several e-mails to the Google AdSense Team trying to get back in. This is not just because it´s one of the most profitable ways to earn money from blogging, but a little experiment as well. Is it possible to get back into Google AdSense after they have kicked you out? I have heard of many people that had their accounts “frozen” after experiencing invalid clicking activity, but after they filled out the form at Google and sending the complaint, their accounts are no longer inactive. The problem remains, what happens if you have no clue of what happened to your account and why or what the invalid clicking activity occured, will you be banned for life?

I think that I have the answer to that one… and to my surprise it´s yes. You are banned for life, or at least I am. I feel like I am living in a country without any legal protection, and that I am on death row, for a crime that not only I didn´t commit, but I don´t know what the crime is. Only that I am sentenced to die without any lawyer, without anybody representing me. And it gets even worse, I get the death sentence in an e-mail. Just kidding, I am lucky man. There are many other ways to monetise my blog other than Google AdSense. I am just so incredibly happy that Google AdSense isn´t the only way to earn money, if that was the case, I could just quit today.

My experiment has ended, about ten minutes ago. In many ways over the past years, I have tried to get Google to reinstate my AdSense account. Today I decided not to continue trying. I received this e-mail from The Google AdSense Team:

Hello Jens-Petter,

We understand that you’d like more information about your account
activity. However, because we have a need to protect our proprietary
detection systems, we’re unable to provide our publishers with any details
about their account activity, including any web pages or users that may
have been involved.

We also understand your concern about the actions taken against your
account. Please note that our actions are the result of careful
investigation by our team of dedicated specialists, taking into account
the interests of both our advertisers and our other AdSense publishers.
Though you may be disappointed with our decision, we are unable to
reinstate your account. Thank you for your understanding.


The Google AdSense Team

My question is this, is this an automated e-mail or not? I think that I have received the exact same answer so many times before. Automated or not, I know when I am beaten, and it´s good bye Google AdSense for me 🙂

Hopefully they won´t stop me from using FeedBurner.

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