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Banned from Adsense

Well, this post is somewhat quite different from the one I just posted. It´s more like heaven and hell. The blogger I just posted a link to earned $16.000 in August. The blogger I am now telling you about has been banned from Adsense for no reason, well Google told him that he had been doing click fraud. But this is not the whole story:

At this point, they closed down my account, claimed that I had violated their Terms of Service with invalid clicks, and informed me that they in fact owed me zero dollars. I wrote back twice – once to ask what was going on (since, to my knowledge, I hadn’t been generating any invalid clicks), and a second time to suggest why I thought my account might be flagged: in the past week I’d moved the ads from the bottom of pages to the top, where they were much more prominent, and where they got many more clicks. Perhaps this was why they thought I had been cheating?

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