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I just received information about this new opportunity. It´s called BankMLM and it´s an on-line payment system designed exclusively for participants in the multilevel marketing industry.

It´s free to join and this is what they are promising the 1st million registered referrals:

A $50 Credit When Account Is Opened…
A $2 Credit Is Given TEN LEVELS…
A $10 Credit Is Given For Personal Referrals…

You can join BankMLM here

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  1. Lisa says:


    The new style is refreshing an engaging.

    I need to tell you that mangosteen pericarp is the best discovery that I have made, that I would not want to be without.

    My problem was which company. Now , since you have introduced me to the Amigo freeze dried product, it is either liquid or powder. Which is the best?

    You may have noticed that I have been missing for a while.

    During my holiday I had a personal experience with a mangosteen product, the second one in 18 months, experience I mean.

    Confirming for me, once and for all, the extraordinary vital components that must compose this magical fruit skin or rather,pericarp.

    The profound effect one small glass of mangosteen juice had on one nearing pneumonia is not something easily forgotten.

    Question is! Could the drying process destroy the essential quality of the original material at a molecular level rendering it less readily absorbed in the gut. Or even reducing the potency in total.

    This I would love to know and I shall look forward to reading your review on your own personal experiences with the product.

    However you are in such good shape yourself as a guinea pig you won’t be much value to yourself or us.

    My advice is to become a benevolent provider to the ill or injured within your circles and to observe, note and record testamonials.

    A few capsules given for a promise to take them twice daily or so, then wait for the phone to ring.

    I shall be interested to read the results of such observations.

    My Very Best Regards

    Lisa P

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