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Automatic Money With Spam Arrest?

Today I have been checking out a service that seems to be something I really need, and I should probably have started to use it for a few years ago. I get a lot of spam, but I don’t have big problem regarding spam, because my spam filters do catch most of them. But I find myself going through all my junk mail to see if one or two actually got there by mistake. The reason for this is that I don’t trust spam filters. At work (my dayjob), we have a great spam filter, it works so incredible good that if you write me in english it will automatically be considered as spam. This is how spam filters work in Norway 🙂

So, what I have been checking out is a service called Spam Arrest. I have read a lot about it a while ago and I have been thinking about trying the free trial. But now it’s finally the time to do it. I am so tired of all the spam, and I think that this might be the solution.

I am not going to describe in detail how the spam system works, other than it seems to be the best I have seen. You can check it out yourself if you are interested. What I am a little interested in is how easy it is to earn money from this system as well as getting rid of spam.

I have contacted their affiliate support and I got the answer I was looking for about two minutes later. I don’t think that I have ever experienced a faster customer support. This is how it works and how I think that you can earn “automatic” money with Spam Arrest. When you use their system, everybody not on your whitelist (your contacts) will have to verify themselves the first time they send an email to you (after you have started to use Spam Arrest). They do that by entering a verification code, at the same time they get a link to a free trial of Spam Arrest. This link is your affiliate link.

So, every time someone tries to send an email to you and they are not on your contacts list (whitelist) they will automatically get your affiliate link to spam arrest. You don’t have to do anything. I am not saying that this is a way to get rich or that many will sign up and start using it. But spam is a big problem and this is a system that I think more and more people would want to use when they realize how good it is and it’s cheap as well. With the basic account you can stop spam at five of your email accounts, and I think that this is enough for most people.

I am at least going to sign up for the free trial and see if it’s as effective as it looks, and if all the positive things I have heard are true or not. If you are interested to see how Spam Arrest works, you can check out this animation or their website.

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  1. Dawud Miracle says:

    I like it. You can use it directly or as a play on words. Relax could also mean that everything they need is available to them so they need not be uptight or worried.

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