Sports marketing and how to get sponsorships

I’m currently doing research on sports marketing and how to get sponsorship deals for a handball club in Norway. I haven’t told you this yet, but I am now the head of marketing of one of the best handball teams in Norway. I’m very excited. I have never been involved in sports marketing before, and I am not sure where to start. That’s why I have decided to write a blog post and ask for your help.

sports marketing

I’m not going to tell you why we need to do the marketing, or why we need the money. It’s obvious. But, it’s not just about the money. As a professional handball team, we need equipment, we need various services and all kinds of things to make it work. I need to focus on sports marketing, not just to spread the word about the team and the games. But, we need to build a strong brand, and a strong foundation with sponsors that believe in what we’re doing.

New to sports marketing

Sports marketing is a subdivision of marketing, and we’re focusing on promoting sport events (the handball games), products and building a brand. I’m doing my best to build a strategy on what we should be focusing on. At the same time, it’s very important to get sponsorships.

I have written about the music festival, and that I’m completely new to be marketing something like that. I’ve been involved with sports before. I’ve played basketball for a major part of my life. But, I’ve always been an active athlete. I have never been thinking about sports marketing.

I have written several posts about marketing being “everything”, and as the head of marketing, I’m going to be doing a lot of research on how other teams are doing their marketing. I don’t think that I need to focus on just handball. I’ll be looking at different types of sports, and teams in different countries. I need to know what others are doing. But, I’m not saying that we’ll be doing what others are doing. I just need to find out what works, and what doesn’t work.

I know that sponsors are looking for a high return on investment. I’m starting out, thinking that most businesses won’t be supporting us, unless they get something in return (they’re measuring the ROI).

On one hand, sports marketing is b2b marketing. On the other hand, sports marketing is b2c. In order to get businesses interested, we need to build a foundation with our fans (the customers). And, we need a strong organization.

I’ve been thinking about it, but so far, I haven’t contacted any sports marketing companies. It might be a good idea, if they’re interested in sharing what they know.

Your views on sports marketing

I’m looking for sportsmarketing information. I’m looking for books. I’m looking for articles. I’m looking for anything that can help me with research, and help me to understand how to attract businesses and how to get sponsorships.

I’m really excited to be part of the handball club and to finally understand how sports marketing works. What I’m trying to accomplish is to create strategies to promote the sport and to promote something other than handball through handball.

Let me know if you have any tips.

Add a link to a sportsmarketing article. Anything.

I really need your help.

Music Festival in Norway

There’s a brand new music festival in Norway. There are many reasons why I want to tell you about this festival, first of all, the music festival will be in Halden at the fortress, that’s where the Vegetarian festival is. Second, there are going to be some really awesome bands at the music festival, and third; I’m involved in the marketing.

The name of the festival is Tons of Rock, it will be in Halden (Norway) on 19. June – 21. June 2014.

The bands at the music festival

I am sure you’ve heard  of some of the bands, because they are well known bands all over the world. Here’s a list of some of the bands that will be playing at the festival.

  • Volbeat
  • Slayer
  • Anthrax
  • Wasp
  • Ghost
  • Turbonegro
  • Sepultura
  • Sabaton

You should visit Tons of Rock to see all the other bands, and to get more information about how to buy tickets.

music festival

There will be a total of apx. 50 bands at the festival, and some of them will be Norwegian. I’m really looking forward to watch bands like Kvelertak, Turbonegro, TNT and Oslo Ess on stage.

What makes this festival different is not just the awesome bands that’ll be playing, but the location is unique. I’m not aware of any other music festival that are located inside an old fortress like Fredriksten Fortress.

This is a picture of Fredriksten Fortress. The picture is taken from the centre of the town. The music festival will be located inside the fortress, overlooking the fjord.

fredriksten fortress halden

I have thought about traveling to music festivals in the United States, like the iHeartRadio Music Festival. I have also wanted to travel to Roskilde in Denmark, Sweden Rock and Rock am Ring in Germany. But, I have never been to a music festival, Tons of Rock will be my first one.

Marketing a music festival

I have been looking at how other festivals are doing their marketing. I have been looking at the festivals I’ve mentioned above and Beale Street Music Festival and Austin City Limits Music Festival, and how they are marketing their festivals online. Like I said, I haven’t attended a festival like this before, and I haven’t been marketing anything similar. So, I need the help I can get.

We’re focusing on social media, and digital marketing to spread the word.

But, marketing is “everything”, and we have to focus on a lot more than just spreading the word about Tons of Rock. The first impression is important. Information and communication is important, the media coverage, and how people in Halden are welcoming the guests. I’m creating a long list, and I have many volunteers to help me out.

Your thoughts on marketing a music festival

Tons of Rock must be unique and remarkable. We’re going to create a festival that will be among the top festivals in the world, we’ve just started, we’re building the festival, brick by brick.

I want to ask you two questions:

  • Which music festivals have you attended?
  • How would you market a music festival like Tons of Rock?

Let’s discuss it in the comments.

The fastest way to use Twitter?

I have a question for you.

I’m in Denmark. I have been out walking. This is a picture from the view on my journey. While walking, watching this spectacular view, I started to think about how I’m using Twitter.

Lønstrup - Denmark

At first, I didn’t think I was looking for fast. I was logging into Twitter a few times each day, to see what was going on, to answer any questions or reply to any mentions. I didn’t publish much, other than retweets. Now, that I’m on vacation in Denmark, I’m thinking that I might have to look for a method that’s faster. I’m looking for the most convenient method, a method that will help me to be more in control. Well, I might not be looking for a method, maybe what I’m looking for is a software or a tool?

I’m currently using SproutSocial, and it’s awesome. I’m not sure if I’ll find something better. But, I’m looking for a cheaper tool/method. I’m currently paying $99 a month, and that’s too much, even though it’s awesome.

The reason I’m doing something about the way I’m using Twitter, is that I don’t have as much time as I used to have when I first started using Twitter. I’m using several other social networks too. I’m using Facebook, Instagram, G+, LinkedIn and Snapchat, just to mention a few.

I’m still using Twitter more than the other social networks, but since I’m not just focusing on Twitter, I feel that I need to do some changes.

I want to discuss which tools you are using for Twitter. Like I said, I’m using SproutSocial right now, but I’m moving away. I need it to be fast, beautiful and cheap(er).

Do you have any suggestions?

Do you keep a schedule for your blog?

I have a question for you.

heart blue

I haven’t been around for a while. If you’ve seen me, it was probably just for a few minutes. I just could keep myself focused on blogging. I have been trying to figure out how to deal with all the various projects.

The reason I’m writing today, and the reason I’m ready to publish my first blog post in a while, is that I finally feel that I have some sort of control, and I have a solution – but I still want you to answer my question.

I’ve written about this before; how do you focus on blogging, when you just don’t have the time? It’s difficult, in fact, it’s the hardest thing I’ve been doing when it comes to business. I believe blogging is one of the most important part of my business, still, it’s so hard to keep up writing and publishing on a schedule, when I’m really busy.

You probably know what the question is by now.

I would really appreciate it, if you’d leave a comment, explaining how you keep blogging when you’re really busy. Do you keep a schedule for writing and do you keep a schedule for publishing your blog posts?

And, do you always keep that schedule, even when you’re very busy?

My new philosophy for a happy life is what keeps me going. I really love what I am doing, and I have more energy than ever, but I just can’t seem to keep up my blogging.

My solution

I haven’t tested this yet. But, right now, I’m thinking that I’ll be waking up one hour earlier each day. I want a head start, and I want to get more things done. I’m thinking about waking up at 04:30. I’m an early riser, and I wouldn’t suggest this if I didn’t want to do it.

What’s your solution?

Do one thing every day that scares you

I still have a fear of flying. I keep thinking about it, trying to figure out why, but it’s not helping. I’m not closer to any solution. Once in a while, I drive to the airport, I watch the planes for a few minutes, before I decide that it’s worth the risk. I always end up inside a plane, traveling. I haven’t turned away and driven back home, yet.

tiny plane

My gut feeling tells me that the fear of flying is not rational. The statistics tells me that it’s safe. It’s safer than most other ways of travel. On the other hand, it worries me. I keep thinking about all the bad things that can happen. I keep thinking about the technology and I’m trying to smile by telling myself things like; if God wanted us to fly he would have given us wings. It never helps.

Marketing fails

We have learned how to fail, and we’ve learned how to be successful, by following a system and by doing what other successful people and businesses are doing. We’re following the leader.

We’re afraid of breaking habits. We’re afraid of experimenting by making people change their behavior. We want people to think of us, and we want every single thought to be a positive thought.

The world has changed. It seems that every second is important. We’re on social media, waiting for people to respond. We’re publishing like we’re journalists, or like we’re all born marketers.

We’re trying to break through the clutter, and earn attention, by doing what we believe other people want. We’re using social media, to express what already works. We keep telling ourselves that we really want the new job, even though the voice we’re hearing is not our own.

What fear is

Do you wake up with a smile on your face, combined with a worried grin? Do you feel that you don’t have any control. Do you feel like me, when I’m about to travel? Like I’m at the airport watching the planes leave and the voice on the speaker is calling my name.

Being afraid is good.

It feels like you’re at the dentist, watching a beautiful painting. It can make you calm, even though you don’t feel that you don’t have any control. You’re afraid, but what you’re really doing is making a dent in the universe by changing your methods, changing your behavior, and changing your focus.

Fear inspires action. Fear is the sign that you’re doing something awesome.

Do you tell the truth in your blog posts?

I have two main goals as a blogger. I build relationships as part of my business, and I am teaching marketing. That’s it. I am writing my blog posts to make people think, and I’m trying to be creative and unique, to stand out from the crowd and to make people remember my messages.

Haakon back

I am not always telling the truth

This means that I’m not always telling the truth. I’m writing stories, and I’m focusing on the message and that there’ll be some element of learning. The stories are different. I wrote the post; I promised her something she would never forget, and it didn’t happen like that. I was with my two kids, but I felt like writing a different story. The message was this; show, don’t tell.

I wrote a different post about love and lust. I called it; she turns me on. It didn’t happen. I made it up. On the other hand, the message was clear and I received a lot of feedback that it was entertaining.

What’s happening?

I really enjoy writing fiction. When I write, I always want to you, and I want you to remember what you’ve just read. I want you to feel that you’re part of the story. The best feedback I get, is when someone tells me that they’ve been thinking about one of my posts for days or weeks, and that they finally got the message.

I want my posts to be of value. I want you to read them, think about them, but it’s more important that you can use what you’ve read – turn the messages into something that’ll work for you.

I’ve been thinking about adding a sentence at the bottom of my posts, a sentence saying that it’s based on a true story.

The reason I’m explaining what I’m doing, is that I’ve received a lot of feedback during the past few months. People have asked me; what’s happening in your life? I can assure you and them, that nothing new is going on. I just enjoy writing …

Your turn

Is it ok for me to not always tell the truth in my posts, as long as it’s entertaining, it makes you think and you’ll end up learning something? And, what about you, do you always tell the truth in your posts?