Simple is beautiful

I still don't understand why. They told me the reason. But, I'm still questioning every word. I've been out walking; surrounded by darkness, now, standing across the street, watching a fake deer.   You need this; we know how it's done. It'll work. I never heard the words; we¬†promise. If I'd heard it, I would have said no immediately. … [Read more...]

Excellent customer service

This is not just another story about a pizza delivery guy. I'm always looking for that something extra, I'm always looking for excellent customer service. And, when I experience it, I'm dissecting it, to find out exactly why it was excellent customer service. I'm still a fan of shopping at Zappos, without ever being a customer. That's because, … [Read more...]

The best headlines for blogging

I'll be the first to admit that the blog headlines that attracts me, are either: magnetic and awesome, or from people I know and/or respect This means, that you can either, do awesome and remarkable stuff to get me hooked, or you can become my friend. The good headlines are the ones that will help me accomplish something. They'll … [Read more...]