How do you set the price for your services?

Don’t bother knocking. I won’t open the door. Don’t call. I won’t answer the phone. He looked at me, like I was someone else, not the friend he’s been around for years. It’s just that I need some time alone. I need to get this thing… I need to finish the project, I said. I […]

New breakthrough commenting system for WordPress

I have written about the reason why we should comment on blogs before. I’ve written about the one reason why it’s important, and I’ve given you 12 different reasons in the past. At the moment, I’m thinking about the importance of dialogue. I’m in the kitchen, it’s early, and I’m writing a post that will be […]

How do you track your goals?

I keep thinking about tracking my goals. I end my days planning the next. I start my days writing my morning pages. The next thing on my mind is to keep planning the day. I need structure to get things done, and I need structure to keep progressing; meaning I need structure to be moving […]