Creative writing exercises

Create a story without writing anything. This works for both business writing; fiction and non-fiction. Start thinking about it before you do anything on paper or on a computer. That’s how I get started with my creative writing exercises. The first thing I do when I finally sit down to start writing is to write […]

Help your customer imagine

Imagine. What does it feel like to eat ice cream during the summer? You’re outside; the warm breeze, the birds, the sound of the ocean and that cold taste of the ice cream in your mouth. Now, you’re out walking. Look and notice the details in your surroundings. You might spot a fake deer, or the cold November […]

My favorite social media editorial calendar

You should schedule your blog posts. It’ll make you feel that you’re in control. Being in control is not just a great feeling, you’ll actually be one step ahead. And, in the end, I believe you’ll be writing better blog posts by scheduling your content. That’s exactly the same feeling I get when I get up early in […]

Forest app – stay focused on what matters most

Your mobile phone can be a great asset to your business, at the same time, it can be your worst nightmare. I have confessed that the iPhone is killing my productivity. That’s before I started using the Forest app. It’s been my secret productivity tool. The reason you might be having productivity issues with your mobile phone, […]