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Attracting New Customers Through The Internet

I am reading Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers all over again. It’s a very inspiring book, and today, I am going to use the chapter “Attraction Through The Internet” as an example of what you can do in order to attract new customers using the Internet as your tool.

The chaper includes many ways that you should consider when using attraction through the Internet:

In this post, I am just going to focus on two of the above, and that’s how you should be using blogs to attract customers and how you should gain attraction by advertising in E-Zines. And I am going to tell you what the authors of Gravitational Marketing are saying that you should be doing. The reason for just focusing on two of the attraction techniques, is that I can’t possibly do all of them in one post. I’ll do more of them later on.


When you are writing content for your blog, remember that you should provide a mix of three things:

1. One-third should be personal content

2. One-third should be technical content

3. One-third should be emotional content

Your blog is really a relationship builder, and you are holding the microphone and you are the one telling the stories. You should use your blog to build relationships with potential customers and with current customers. Yes, it’s really that easy. Just focus on building relationships and stick to the “one-third rule”.


An E-Zine is an online or e-mail newsletter. You can either create your own E-Zine for your niche or you can find a popular E-Zine for your niche and advertise in it.

You can buy advertising as a link in the E-Zine, a listing, banners, or sometimes you can buy article space.

E-Zines are great when it comes to finding targetted prospects, because the E-Zines are sent to groups of people by specific topics.

Take a look at this directory of general Internet marketing E-Zines

If you want to create your own E-Zine, I recommend that you use AWeber.

Maybe it’s all about followers?

With a blog you want to attract your own followers, people who trust you and people who want to keep reading what you are writing. When you are advertising in an E-Zine, you are reaching out to the followers of other people. You are trying to convince them to start following you.

2 responses to “Attracting New Customers Through The Internet”

  1. Marc Blasi says:

    Attracting customers online is quite hard these days but keeping them is even harder. Having a blog gives you room to express yourself and hence you can use this to attract more customers. I initially thought that e zine was an article website but now I am quite confused.

  2. Marc Blasi says:

    Even though, the nine points you listed for increasing your website traffic are great, but I believe use of social media is also among one of the best ways, if not the best to attract new customers and visitors to your main webpage. Your Faceback page, Twitter and Linkedin accounts can help you in redirecting more traffic to your website.

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