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Article Submitter By Brad Callen

A great way to get more traffic to your site is to write articles. As soon as you have written your article, you should submit it to various directories. You probably know that you won´t get a lot of visitors if nobody finds your article, so it´s important that you submit your article to the many directories. This way people will find your article both in the directories and hopefully your site will get more visible in the search engines due to links from the directories.

You could be finding the directories yourself, by searching and manually submitting all your information. Or you can use an article submitter, like the brand new Article Submitter by Brad Callen. The video on the site shows a demo on how it works, and it seems that it works great and that it´s very easy to use. I am saying this only because I have seen the video, I haven´t tried the submitter myself yet.

I am not an affiliate, but you can earn 75% of your sales if you become one. The standard version is completely free, but as an affiliate you will earn money if people upgrade to the gold version. I am not sure what the differences are between the standard and the gold version, but I think it´s the number of directories that it submits to (and maybe some other features as well)

Visit Article Submitter by Brad Callen.

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  1. TerryG says:

    Interesting post. I too am not to sure what to think of Alexa, it may give you an indication on how your site is going but roi might be a better indication. The only good I see out of the ranking is having the tool on your site if your

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