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Are You More Creative When You Relax?

The reason I am asking you this question is that I have noticed with myself that I am probably more creative both when I am really relaxed and when I am really stressed out. I find that interesting, because they are really the opposites… and both gets me going.

I find myself the least creative when I am in my natural state, when I am just working or doing what I usually do. Just surfing the web, reading e-mails or sitting down at my desk to do a few tasks. I usually get my tasks done, but I am not as creative as I should be.

But when I want or need to be more creative, I do something that I find really relaxing instead. One of the most relaxing things I do, is to take a hot bath. I get into the bath tub,  and I find myself out of this world. It’s almost like I am flying and that I am somewhere else… doing something completely different.

I always have creative thoughts when I am in the bath tub, the only problem is that I usually don’t have a pen and paper with me and I tend to forget some of my creative thoughts as soon as I am about to start writing them down.

So, to be sure not to forget any of your creative thoughts, you might want to bring a pen and paper when you are relaxed (if you are creative when you are relaxed).

The great thing about knowing when you are the most creative, is that if you need to be creative, you just do what helps you to be creative. That’s why you’ll find me in the bath tub many times each week, or you’ll find me out walking for at least an hour in the forrest. It makes me relax and it makes me creative.

On the other hand, if I have too much work and especially when I think to myself that I can’t possibly get all the tasks done in time, well, then I tend to become a lot more creative than usual. It’s probably my way of solving the “problems”. I have to think fast and different. And usually when I have too many tasks and I am stressed out, I usually manage to get a head.

I never plan to have too many tasks, it just happens, but I always plan to take the really hot bath with all the nice bubbles. My advice is, think about what makes you more creative, and start doing it more often.

My question to you is; are you more creative when you are really relaxed?

5 responses to “Are You More Creative When You Relax?”

  1. Sergey Rusak says:

    Digg is great for viral marketing. But from another side, Digg traffic useless in most cases and it is almost impossible to convert Diggers into customers.

  2. Mark Antony says:

    Hi Jens, I think it’s fai to say I’m one who dislikes Digg, mainly becase of the many who use it for self interest, not for what it was intended. Same goes for StumbleUpon. There is no doubt they can give your traffic a dramatic boost, but how much use is that, in itself?

    I wonder sometimes, how many even wait for the page to properly load befire giving it a stumble rating, purely out of curtesy because the site owner has done same for them. Other words, the traffic is of no long term use whatsoever, about nine times out of ten, or a short term shot in the arm, then nothing. In brief, if people are not so keen on your content, they won’t keep coming back, but IF they are keen, they will become regular readers without digg and co.

    That said, any traffic is better than no traffic, so digg has it’s place, but it’s not something I place much emphasis on while considering long term targets.

  3. Jens says:

    Hi Sergey and Mark,

    Thank you for your comments and I agree with both of you.

    It’s very hard to convert Diggers into customers, or at least so that’s what I have read. The same goes for the voting. A lot of people vote, just because other people have voted for their posts.

    I have done that myself, but usually I actually read the post first. But I understand why people vote without hardly reading the story. Many people are joining in order to get more traffic, not in order to communicate with other people. And if that’s their reason, well, that’s what they’ll do.

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