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Are FooterAds Annoying Or Awesome?

FooterAds launched its services a short while ago. It´s a free service that will help you receive more traffic to your sites. I am not in any doubt that you might get more traffic if you become a member, but I am not sure if I like the service or not. The reason might be that FooterAds grabs to much attention, attention away from the contents of the site and attention away from what I believe to be more important. I am not sure if adding FooterAds to your site might help you loose your visitors or help you gain visitors.

I have visited many sites that uses FooterAds, and I have been watching the demo. It looks good and everybody will see it for sure. This is because it pops up out of nowhere from the bottom, yes, from the footer of your page. It looks a little like Google AdSense ads (but don´t all text ads look the same?). It looks like you can adjust the background colors, but I am not sure. It pops up and it stays on top of your page until you close it, at least it looks like it won´t close automatically (I haven´t waited that long, but at least it won´t close in less than 20 seconds).

I am not sure how many options you will have as a member. But to me this is a service a lot like a banner exchange and a traffic exchange. My only problem is that if you install it on your blog it might get your regular visitors upset, at least if it pops up every time you visit the blog. I know that I would certainly get a little annoyed if I would have to close it every time I visited the blog, but again, that´s why we have RSS.

Visit FooterAds and see for yourself. Attention grabbing and traffic driving ads or just plain annoying, or maybe both 🙂

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