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Are Ezines the best way to promote your business?

I am not sure if advertising in Ezines are as good as some say. I have just tried it a few times, and that was a long time ago. The results was not good at all. But as far as I know, the ezines I tried might not have been that good. I have now received more information about the greatness of using ezines to promote my business, and I might test one or two ezines in a few weeks to test if it´s true.

I have two things that I believe to be really important before I start buying ads in various ezines.

1. Check the ezine´s ranking at (I think that it should be better than 100,000)

2. Don´t advertise in an ezine where you can get your ad published in less than two weeks. If the ezine don´t have a waiting list, then it´s problably not that good. A waiting list means that advertisers are coming back to spend more money on advertising, and that means that they are problably happy with their results.

I have no clue on which ezines that I am going to advertise in just yet, but hopefully I will find some interesting ones in the days ahead.

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