Are Discussion Forums A Waste of Time?

Let me just tell you this, that when it comes to discussion forums people usually say that they’re either a waste of time or the exact oposite, they’re awesome for connecting and networking with other people.

What do you think, are discussion forums just a waste of time?

When you’re using a discussion forum you can get into discussion after discussion without having much to show for it. If you do, you’re wasting your time.

If you visit your favorite discussion forum for a specific period of time each day and spend that time wisely by sharing tips and discussion interesting topics, then you’re not wasting your time.

Many valuable friendships and joint ventures have been made through online networking forums. For instance, most of the jobs I outsource are to people I have met via discussion forums.

There are especially three things you need to avoid:

1. A lof of negative people stay at discussion forums. When you visit a discussion forum you don’t always know who you’re dealing with. Unfortunately, a lot of people are quite negative and even downright nasty. You might meet them. Only visit discussion forums that inspire you and make you feel good.

2. Meaningless discussions. It’s okay to make friends as well as network, but you really don’t want to spend half of your day talking about non-business related topics. Use your time wisely. It’s a lot harder to switch back to being more business-like after you’ve been very socially chatty and informal for a while.

3. You give more than you get. It’s good to give back; there is no denying that. But if you spend a lot of time on forums helping others and not achieving much in return yourself, then you may want to ask why you’re doing it in the first place? Give out helpful information here and there and include a link back to your website for further information (in the signature).

Discussion forums can be a great addition to your business success or a complete time-wasting exercise.

When it comes to Internet marketing, there are three discussion forums I recommend:

Digital Point Forums
Warrior Forum
– Third Tribe (paid)

What’s your experience, are they a total waste of time?

Rohit Singh
11 months 28 days ago

Nice way to on how to use forums to drive traffic but most important point is to stay geniune and don’t spam forums simply for sake of getting traffic you will likely to get banned in doing soPost useful threads and try to reply and be active to see better results

1 year 7 months ago

Forums can drive traffic to blogs, but you need to work hard and experiment a bit. See which forums brig more traffic and concentrate your efforts there.

Asifa Shaheen
1 year 9 months ago

Forums are the best way to grab maximum number of blog traffic if we follow this method in right ways. Also other social media websites plays vital role in bringing traffic towards your website.

2 years 6 months ago

Why is it I am always either too early or too late in order to fit in anywhere including online discussions such as forums?
I seem to be out of synch with everybody else and it’s driving me nuts.

If it weren’t for my belief in God I’d have gone crazy years ago but my believe in God is the only thread keeping me from insanity.

2 years 6 months ago

Why do forum topics constantly go off topic and when someone mentions that very question the posters show their hypocrite sides making the points all that much more valid?

Am I the only one not blind to this?

If you don’t like a thread why reply unless you have something constructive either serious or humor to add to it that doesn’t degrade the thread?

I am sick and tired of seeing forums go to waste because of excessive OT which the moderators either don’t do anything about or are overloaded with deleting too many posts.

It makes me feel very depressed when looking at forums.

BTW: I like how it has a *Confirm you are not a spammer* then the usual spam captcha that I and many other legit posters who don’t wish to spam cannot read while spammers will still find away around it to ruin things.