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Apple Release MacBook

I had an [tag]Apple[/tag] [tag]ibook[/tag] a little while ago, until I accidentally spilled tea all over it. After that I bought the new [tag]iMac[/tag] instead, it works great. Today I read an announcement that Apple released their new notebook called [tag]MacBook[/tag], it will probably replace the ibook I once had.

The design looks similar to the ibook, but you can also get this new model in black (not only white), and it looks slimmer. I havenĀ“t looked at all the technical specifications yet, but I guess they have upgrade most of them.

If I was going to buy a new notebook today, I would probably not buy the MacBook, but the MacBook pro. But with me drinking tea, I better stay with my iMac.

You can read about the new MacBook at Apple

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