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Apple Marketing Department Should Be Worried

I am actually sort of a fan of Apple, I have been this for a few years. The reason for this crush, is that I think that their products are awesome and their advertisements are really powerful. Everything about Apple (and Steve Jobs) seems to be close to perfect (well, except for maybe the price of their products).

But there is one thing about Apple that surprised me in a negative way, and the same thing has surprised me twice – and that’s really surprising. In fact, it’s about marketing.

I just said that all the Apple products are awesome and that their advertisements are really powerful, but when it comes to delivering the products to your home, they should really be doing a better job (actually, it’s the company they are outsourcing this job to that should be doing a better job, and Apple should have more control).

I ordered an iMac about a year ago, I was waiting for it at home, but it never arrived when they said that it should arrive. I had to stay home from work, and nothing happened. The day after it should have arrived, I got a phone call from the driver, the guy that was going to deliver my iMac. He had been to my house, and because I wasn’t home, he had delivered my iMac to one of my neighbors. He couldn’t describe the neighbour to me. He didn’t even remember the color of the house, and not the name of the guy. The iMac was expensive, and it was pre-paid, that’s why I got a little worried. Everything worked out ok, I found it 10 minutes after I got home. The problem though, I didn’t know the people that had my iMac. I had talked to them a few times, they could have “stolen” my iMac.

This was a bad experience.

Yesterday, I received my new MacBook. It was suppose to arrive on the 29th of April, but it arrived while I was at work on the 27th. When I got home, my new MacBook was laying at our uncovered porch close to our front door. Everybody could see it from the road. I didn’t have to sign anything, it was just laying there.

Everything about Apple seems to be close to perfect, but when it comes to delivering their computers, they should be more concerned, because this is really about marketing, reputation and trust.

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