These questions alone can turn my business and life around

It all started with a dream.

This time, I didn’t walk, I didn’t do anything other than stare at a piece of paper. But, it was one of the most intense dreams I’ve ever had.

I don’t remember anything other than a shiny white piece of paper with black words, written with a pen. I didn’t recognize the handwriting. The more I stared at the words, the more I realized that what I was staring at, was the most important questions of all. I could hear myself whispering, “the questions are brilliant.”

The questions alone can turn my business and life around, but, at the moment, I just keep looking at the words – I want to answer them so badly.


I can’t…

It shouldn’t be this hard. I keep looking at the sentences. I keep looking at each word, and at each letter. And then, it’s like the questions keep staring back at me.

What’s the one thing I have been the most satisfied with in my life?

What’s the one thing I am most satisfied with during the past year?

What’s the one thing I am most satisfied with during the past month?

What’s the one thing I am most satisfied with during the past week?

If I just had the answers. I would know exactly what to focus on. On the other hand, now I know what I need to focus on, I need to find that one thing…



  1. Wow, you have very profound dreams, Jens! These are great questions. But being satisfied isn’t what motivates us, is it? When we’re less than satisfied then we have incentive to do even better.

    You have so much going on, Jens, I don’t know how you focus on one thing. But whatever you are focused on, I’m sure you’ll do it well.

    (BTW, last night I had a vivid dream too, but it was that I was pregnant and Zombies were attacking. Not nearly as profound.)

    • I don’t know if my dreams means anything. But I love to dream. And I’m thinking that dreams makes me more creative, and sometimes when I wake up I just want to start writing and turn the dreams into a story. Your dream sounds scary, a bit like the walking dead (I have just watched the first episode, it was too scary for me) :)

  2. I’m asking myself the same sorts of questions Jens.

    This week I’ve spent time with my family because it’s the school holidays.

    It’s meant I’ve not done too much online but it helps sometimes to switch off and do something else.

    I hope you find the answer to one or all of your questions.

  3. Once in a while, even if you’re trying to keep up with the fast pace of your busy life, you still need to stop. And try to assess yourself if you’re still at the prime of your performance. And I find these questions a real eye-opener, something for us to realize that there’s still room for change and improvement.

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