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Another Free WordPress Theme

I am never entirely satisfied with the design of my blog, and since I canīt do any design myself and I havenīt bought a professional design, I am using free wordpress themes. The biggest problem with free themes is that I havenīt made it myself or told a professional designer to make it for me. So, a free design is never 100% what I want. I find a free theme and think that it looks great, and a few weeks or months later I donīt like it that much.

Today I just changed the design without almost thinking. I was browsing over at WordPress Themes (the link opens up in a new window) and suddenly I found one that I really liked. I installed it to see how it looked on my blog and about five minutes later my design was brand new.

What I liked about this was the clean design and that it was possible to put three banners without interrupting the contents (I think that it works with the three banners). This way itīs possible to promote three affiliate programs at the same time without having too many custom made hacks.

What I will be doing soon is to hire someone to make a professional logo at the top left. I think that this design might actually last a little longer than a few weeks, but I never know.

Maybe I should hire a professional designer sometime soon. This way I would get 100% satisfied and stop using my time finding new design instead of writing better contents.

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