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Another calendar saves the day

I just bought Fantastical for my iPhone, for my iPad and for my Mac. I’m still asking the question; why did I end up buying it? I have iCal, and I am using it every single day. It’s great. It helps me with everything I need, but there’s someting missing. I didn’t figure out exactly what it was, until I discovered Fantastical.

fantastical for Mac, iPhone and iPad

The next big thing

I have written about how where I buy my premium wordpress themes before, and it’s like I can’t keep one theme going for more than a few months. It feels like I’m always looking for something new. I keep buying new apps, and new plugins; I’m always looking for something better. It’s the same thing with my writing. I’m never satisfied with the software I’m currently using. It’s like the software is doing the writing for me. I’m currently using, Byword, Scrivener and Evernote. I’m combining the three, to get the most out of my writing.

But, even though I’m very satisfied with all three, I’m still looking for new distraction free writing tools. I don’t know why, except that I’m always looking for the next big thing.

My 3 most important tools

I am using three tools every day. It’s how I plan my day, and it’s how I stick to my plans, even though sticking to my plans is the Achilles’ heel of my business. The three tools are:

I’m currently using Todoist as my project manager, and I’m adding everything I’m doing into that system. I’m using Evernote for every note, no matter if it’s personal or part of my business. And, so far, I’ve been using iCal for all my different calendars.

The reason I keep looking for new alternatives is that, the calendar, the project manager and the notebook are such an important part of my business, so I want the best. I’m not saying that it’s a good thing to always be looking for the next big thing, but that’s the reason why I’ve been doing it. I’m always testing something new, just in case it’s a little better than what I’m currently using.

The reasons for the switch to Fantastical

I was reading reviews of Fantastical, and I was watching videos on YouTube. I was asking myself the question; why do I need to switch? iCal was great. But, when I was watching Fantastical, it looked better at three different options. First, it was a lot easier to add new events. Scheduling was easy. I can just type in the details and hit return, by using natural language.

The filter was great, it’s very easy to see exactly what I am looking for. I have “everything” in my calendars, and most of the time, my days are just packed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just details about what I’m doing or going to do, it’s everything my entire family is planning to do. I needed good filters, and I found them in Fantastical.

Finally, the nice design, the way it looks, was just beautiful. I was looking at the colors, and the way every detail on the screen was shining back at me, and I was hooked. The layout was fantastic, no wonder why the name is Fantastical.

I don’t need it, but …

I’m still a bit confused, why did I end up buying Fantastical? It made my day a little brighter. It makes things easier, faster, and more fun. That’s probably it. To me, my calendar is one of my most important tools, and sometimes, the tiny details will help save my day.

4 responses to “Another calendar saves the day”

  1. Jae says:

    I use much the same tools, when I look to the calendar though, I want it to be able to give me all my events, appointments, etc .. in one spot. Often I find that I miss something if I’m working within different environments. I need something to pull from FB, GCal, Gmail, Outlook all in one spot – Although it’s not super intuitive, not does it have a fancy layout – Sunrise does that for me …

    I can get events from FB, my Google Calendar, Outlook all in one spot.

    • Hi Jae,

      That’s important for me as well. I need all my events and appointments in one place. And, I have added everything for my family as well, so I’ll be in full control. I did this in iCal too, but how I view the calendars in Fantastical is a lot better for me.

      I have never tested Sunrise. I’ll take a closer look. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jens, Fantastical looks, well, fantastic. I will have to check it out. I like the recent update to iCal that incorporates maps. I also am looking forward to the new iCal on Yosemite coming this fall.

    The more easy our organization is the better for us!

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I also like the recent updates to iCal, and I’m looking forward to everything that’s planned in Yosemite. I was thinking about waiting for the release, but after reading about Fantastical and looking at the videos, I just couldn’t wait anymore 🙂

      I do save time, and I’m more organized with Fantastical, so it does help me. I’m always looking for the small details that’ll help me do better.

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